4 Key Benefits of Replacing Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

If your home features old kitchen cabinets you might be wondering about the benefits and negatives of replacing them with new ones. Maybe your old fashioned kitchen cabinets feel outdated, or maybe they don’t have enough storage space, but you might want to get some modern kitchen cabinets.

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Luckily, there are so many kitchen cabinets ideas for old kitchen cabinets to make them work for you, and replacing them is one option. You could well be considering refurbishing old kitchen cabinets,  replacing old kitchen cabinets or looking for other ideas for old kitchen cabinets.

To help you decide the best way to deal with your old kitchen cabinets, our experts will share their thoughts on if you should redo old kitchen cabinets, upcycle old kitchen cabinets or replace them. You can use this article to make the best decision about replacing your old kitchen cabinets.

Important Things To Know About Old Kitchen Cabinets

Some things to keep in mind when you are deciding what to do with your kitchen cabinets are that cabinets are made to last for a very long time in most cases. But, there are lower quality cabinets that can wear out quickly and should be torn out and thrown away. 

Oftentimes, cabinet colors from the past just don’t work with today’s aesthetics, and it can be a challenge to change their color. Painting may seem simple, but when it comes to cabinets you could run into many difficulties that make it not worth the effort. 

Lastly, cabinet hardware can wear out before the wood in the cabinets is ready to be destroyed. You might have a look at your cabinet hardware and see if it needs replacement and if that could make your kitchen function better.

Benefit 1: New Kitchen Cabinets Will Last You A Lifetime

Replacing your old kitchen cabinets with new ones is a huge investment, but one that actually gets smaller with each passing year. Most cabinets are made to last 50 years or more, so they are likely to be in your home longer than you are.

This means that the sooner you decide to replace your old kitchen cabinets, the sooner that you can start benefiting from a lifetime investment. If you feel like you can make the investment now, your kitchen cabinets will be cheaper in the long run.

You will feel proud of your new kitchen cabinets and you can show them off to your friends and family, then you can enjoy them for decades. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you should make the most of it if you can.

Benefit 2: Getting Appropriate Storage Space

One of the top reasons to replace old kitchen cabinets is that you need to have the storage space to fit all of your kitchen goods. While most people think this means that they need more storage space, with a great kitchen cabinet design you could also make your storage more efficient and smaller.

For those who need more storage space, you will feel much better when you are not constantly cramming items into your cabinets and then hoping nothing flies out when you open them. That is a huge burden that you should not have to live with, and you can solve that with new kitchen cabinets.

You can also design your kitchen cabinets to be smaller, but fit everything you need with ease. This will help you make your kitchen feel more open and airy, which is a goal of many kitchen designers and remodelers these days.

Benefit 3: Enjoy Cabinets You Love, Rather Than Living With Old Kitchen Cabinets

Your home should be a sanctuary that nourishes your spirit, and the kitchen is normally the heart and soul of your sanctuary. You should love and appreciate your cabinets everyday, not feel like you would rather have some new kitchen cabinets.

Old kitchen cabinets can truly make you hate your kitchen, and that is just no way to live your life. When you have cabinet doors that squeak, or don’t close all the way, it can lead to mental fogginess, which can impact your daily life in negative ways.

Replacing your old, worn out cabinets with new ones breathes life into your kitchen and gives you a reason to be proud of your house. You can’t spend your mental energy worrying about your old kitchen cabinets, and replacing them is the best solution for you.

Benefit 4: Choosing Cabinets That Fit Your Style

While your old kitchen cabinets might have looked great when they were first installed, when they become outdated, it can drag down your entire kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are often the focal point of your kitchen, and old kitchen cabinets can give your home a dreary atmosphere.

Especially if you bought a home with old kitchen cabinets already in it, replacing them could help make your kitchen feel like a reflection of your personality. The style of your kitchen could have a huge impact on the spirit of your house, and they should be a style that you love and would choose for yourself. 

There are many new styles of cabinets that you can choose from, and you are sure to find some that make you love your kitchen. Some kitchen cabinet styles that you might enjoy and decide to add to your home are:

  • Flat Panel Cabinet- This type of cabinet has a single piece of wood for the doors, and looks especially good for a minimalist, modern kitchen.
  • Inset Cabinets- Also called frameless cabinets, this style was more popular in Europe until just the last few years. These cabinets also give you a bit more space inside for storage.
  • Shaker Cabinets- These are actually a classic cabinet style, but they work in so many different kitchen designs that it is worth mentioning them.

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