16 White Bathroom Cabinet Ideas to Try

When it comes to bathroom cabinets, one of the trendiest but also a timeless look is white bathroom cabinets. A bathroom with white cabinets looks clean, bright and open, so that you can feel more comfortable while getting ready for your day or brushing your teeth and doing skin care before bed. 

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There are a lot of white bathroom cabinet ideas out there, and choosing the right one for your white cabinet bathroom can be difficult. To make your white cabinet bathroom ideas come to life, one of the first things you need to do is figure out which style fits your personality so that you can enjoy it for years.

In order to help you find the right white bathroom cabinets for your home, we have made this list with our 16 favorite white bathroom cabinet designs. Read through these descriptions and see which white bathroom cabinets resonate with your desires.

Tall White Bathroom Cabinet

A tall white bathroom cabinet will make your bathroom look elegant and impressive. The height of the cabinet will also allow you to have some more storage space. 

Making your cabinet long and skinny is a great trick in a small bathroom to make the room feel bigger than it really is. No matter the size of your bathroom, tall white bathroom cabinets are a great look. 

Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware on White Bathroom Cabinets

The dark, matte finish of rubbed bronze will give you a modern white bathroom cabinets look. If you are aiming for a modern look, this could be the choice for you.

The small amount of the golden houghed bronze that shows through the oil rubbed finish brings some needed warmth to a white cabinet bathroom. Oil rubbed bronze hardware really brings a modern and classy feeling to your bathroom. 

Copper Fixtures and Hardware

Polished copper has a warm feeling that helps to balance out white bathroom cabinets, which can sometimes look too stark and rigid. Copper brings that splash of color that makes you feel a bit more cozy.

It can be a good idea to match your hardware with the faucet and shower heads, to bring a uniform and thoughtful look to your space. With the brightness of the white cabinets and the shininess of copper, your bathroom is going to be a glowing example of style.

Glass Front Cabinet

Having glass front cabinets with white trim and box is a fancy look that allows you to show off what you have on the inside of your bathroom cabinets. You might consider keeping decorative pieces inside a glass front bathroom cabinet, rather than hemorrhoid cream. 

Louvered White Bathroom Cabinet

The slats of a louvered cabinet will bring some interesting texture to your bathroom cabinets, and also allow things inside the cabinet to get some air to breathe. This can be really helpful in a moist environment like a bathroom.

Louvered cabinet doors make for a more laid back, cottage sort of feel. This would look great in a beach home.

Decorating With Plants

Using the space on top of your white bathroom cabinets to hold some plants brings some nice life to your bathroom. Plants make the air feel clean and make you feel calm.

Having some plant vines hanging down around your white bathroom cabinets will make you feel grounded and in touch with nature. You can also feel like you are in a forest hot spring.

Golden Brass Hardware

This color of brass has made a comeback this year and brings a touch of regalness to your bathroom. The gold also has a warming effect that can help to keep your bathroom from seeming too sterile.

Brass is a classic look that you can’t help but enjoy the look and feel of. This is a great material to be using with white bathroom cabinets.

Glass Hardware

Glass hardware has an elegant look that will make your white bathroom cabinets seem even brighter. Glass door pulls on your cabinets is a classic look that you can’t go wrong with.

Be careful that your glass hardware doesn’t bring an outdated look with them. Try adding some modern bathroom design elements to make sure they fit in with today’s style. 

Frameless White Bathroom Cabinets

This European style of cabinet is growing ever more popular on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, and is a great way to save some space. Frameless cabinets have a modern and sleek look that fits well in a bathroom.

Chicken Wire White Bathroom Cabinets

This is a great way to bring a more relaxed and country atmosphere to a white cabinet bathroom. Chicken wire cabinets are also easy on your budget. 

Dark, Mottled Granite Vanity Top

Using a contrasting color for your vanity top can be a great way to make your white bathroom cabinets pop. Dark, mottled granite is a beautiful look for your bathroom.

Round Mirrors With Gold Frames

Using a round mirror with a golden frame in conjunction with your white bathroom cabinets is a trendy look that will impress anyone who sees your bathroom. The gold frame helps to warm up your bathroom and the mirror will be a good focal point.

Grey Walls

Choosing a slightly darker wall color will really make your white bathroom cabinets pop. Grey is a great color to make your white bathroom cabinets stand out and look their best.

Black Tiled Floors

It is best to avoid going too dark for a bathroom because it can make the space feel too small, but the floor is a great place to bring in some black. This makes a great contrast with white cabinets without making the bathroom feel like a tunnel. 

Subway Tiles with Grey Grout

This look makes for some interesting texture behind your white bathroom cabinets. Subway tiles are simple and popular right now, and the darker colored grout makes the white really pop out. 

Mosaic Tile Floor

Going with an interesting mosaic pattern for your bathroom floor with white cabinets is a way to bring in some much needed visual stimulation without making the bathroom too busy. The pattern on the floor won’t get in the way of your field of vision, but adds a lot of intrigue in a subtle way. 

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