10 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas For Your Bathroom in Potomac, MD

Creating an amazing master bathroom in your home can make your life so much more comfortable and enjoyable. It takes some master bathroom ideas in Potomac, MD that will inspire you to get your project started on the right foot.

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Updated master bathrooms are one of the things people rate as the most satisfying part of doing any sort of home remodeling project. This fact makes right now the best time to do a master bathroom remodel in Potomac, MD.

To help you create an incredible master bathroom renovation in Potomac, MD, we have asked our experts for their best master bathroom remodel ideas in Potomac, MD. These ideas are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing and make you want to start your project sooner, rather than later.

Heated Tile Floors

Your master bathroom should be a treat to yourself, and there is no better treat than waking up on a cold day and stepping onto some nice warm tiles. This helps you ease into your day so that you don’t feel the shock of having to deal with the world.

Double Vanity With Quartz Countertop

A great master bathroom needs to be luxurious, and that means having sinks for you and your partner or guest to use at the same time. A double vanity gives you that and a lot of counter space for your grooming supplies.

You also get to have more storage space under the sinks which can come in handy when you need a place to keep your bathroom supplies. You can even have a drawer with outlets inside so that you can keep your hair dryers and other bathroom gadgets always ready to go, but out of sight.

Choosing some beautiful quartz is smart in a bathroom because the resin in quartz is antimicrobial, so you won’t have to worry about germs. Quartz is lower maintenance than natural stone, and looks just as beautiful to most people who see it.

Plan Out Shower Niches

Having a shower niche can be just an afterthought of a lot of bathroom designers, but when you plan them out you can create a beautiful and functional feature in your master bathroom. Consider installing three niches that make a triangle shape, it is more beautiful and gives you more space.

Walk In Shower Stall With Tile Walls

Everyone seems to want a large walk in shower stall these days because they feel so much more useful and elegant than a bath/shower combo. Choosing a large format marble tile for the walls makes your shower a spa-like experience that you will look forward to.

Many people are going for an open bathroom look these days, so the best choice for this is a frameless glass shower enclosure. These types of enclosures keep your bathroom safe from water droplets, but also doesn’t take up any visual space.

Giving yourself plenty of space for bathing in your master bathroom helps you feel tranquil in the morning to get ready for work, or you can wind down if you prefer a shower at the end of the day. A large walk in shower with tile walls is sure to make your master bathroom remodel a huge success.

Open Shelving

You can also incorporate some open shelving into your master bathroom. This gives you a place to display some decorations and keep some of your bathroom necessities where you can always have easy access to them.

Add A Skylight

One thing that you just can’t have enough of in your master bathroom is natural light, and a skylight is the ultimate way to add some sunshine into your day. Skylights just add something special to a master bathroom that shows that it is a truly luxurious space.

Having some natural light in the morning helps you wake up and feel better all day. Studies have shown that when you are exposed to natural light first thing in the morning, you can focus better for the whole day and you even sleep better at night.

Also think about having the light of a full or partial moon and the stars shining down on you in the evening. You can really feel a connection with outer space in your bathroom when you want to have a romantic bath with candles and everything.

Add Interesting Light Fixtures

Many people don’t know that a bathroom can have cool light fixtures that make the space more interesting. Choosing an antique or hand crafted light fixture is a great method of adding a personal touch and flair to your master bathroom.

Self Cleaning Toilet

There is not a better time to be shopping for toilets because there have finally been advances in technology that make toilets exciting. For years the best we could do was make a water saving toilet, but now we have self cleaning toilets that make life so much easier.

Hands-free, self cleaning toilets have sensors that open their lids for you and flush when you have deposited your waste. This is a wonderful innovation that allows you to feel much cleaner in the bathroom and not worry about spreading germs around.

Toilets also have new designs that make them less likely to trap hiars, dirt and other debris behind them. The new sleek designs look cool and are much more functional than the old design that left that dead space behind the bowl that attracted all sorts of nasty particles.

Modern Bathroom Cabinets

Getting the correct amount of storage in your master bathroom can make it so much easier to use. Not having enough storage leads to feeling cramped in your bathroom and often needing to battle against clutter.

You can choose to have a custom designed cabinets set that will give you the maximum amount of storage without taking up too much space with their bulky boxes. A cabinet designer can go over how much storage space you need and will create cabinets that fit your space precisely.

Square Shower Drain

The traditional round shower drain is getting to be a bit of a tired look these days. Luckily there are many designers putting square shower drains into master bathrooms these days and finding a lot of success.

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