10 Interesting Small Kitchen Island Ideas for your Next Renovation

If you are thinking about doing a small kitchen remodel, you might think that adding a small kitchen island could be out of the question because of your size constraints. The truth is, with the right small kitchen remodel ideas you can fit an island in and have plenty of space for cooking and entertaining.

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Small kitchen remodeling can seem like a difficult task, but with the right small kitchen remodel tips you can achieve great success. The trick with small kitchen remodels is to embrace the chance to use your creativity and problem solving skills to create something unique.

In this article our expert remodeling designers will give you their best small kitchen island ideas to make something great out of your space. With these kitchen island ideas your small kitchen renovation is sure to be something you feel proud of for decades.

Kitchen Island On Wheels

If you are struggling to find room for your kitchen island, but you desperately need more counter space and storage space at times, create a mobile kitchen island. You can store it in a nearby room when you are not cooking, then put it into place when you start cooking.

A small kitchen island on wheels can double as an entry table or china hutch in another room, while being easy to move to the kitchen when you want it. You can also place it in different locations based on the task you need it for.

Small Stainless Chef’s Table

Stainless steel is a great look in a modern kitchen remodel and you can create a unique kitchen island with a chef’s table. These tables are the perfect height for chopping veggies, and also make a comfortable place to have a snack.

A chef’s table can also be moved out of the way if you need more space to move around in your kitchen. This is a versatile kitchen designs and ideas that is perfect for your kitchen in Washington DC.

Built-In Butcher Block Island With BLACK Cabinets

Creating a colorful small kitchen is a fun way to go about this task, and the butcher block looks great on top of a small BLACK cabinet. You can get just the right amount of storage space as well as counter space to make your kitchen renovation more functional.
It looks really amazing to have a BLACK and HARDWOOD for the floor in a small kitchen like this. The whole space feels tied together and you can have plenty of room for creating amazing meals to share with the people you care about.

Two-Tier Pony Island

A half-sized, two-tier island in your small kitchen gives you a lot of options for seating, food prep, and for storage. Having a separation with the two tiers between the eating area and the counter can make you feel much more comfortable.

This sort of kitchen remodeling comes with modern kitchen cabinets styles can create a more retro look, so you need to plan for your kitchen to have that sort of energy or to go in another direction. These types of islands also give you enough storage space underneath to be a huge help in remodeled small kitchens.

Beadboard Faced Small Kitchen Island

Beadboard is a wonderful material to give your kitchen a cozy cottage feeling, which works really well when you have a small kitchen renovation. You can choose a whimsical color like cloudy blue-gray for some added charm.

Topping the beadboard with some salvaged barn planks ups your rustic factor if you want to go in that direction. Or for a nice Scandinavian look, you might consider a quartz countertop in one of the many colors available.

Recycled Bookcase Turned Kitchen Island

An interesting project we worked on recently decided to use a second hand book case as the base of their small island. It had this wonderful open shelf look that was something that we had never seen before and something we hope to see more of in the future.

You need to find a pretty sturdy bookcase to make this work, so look for one that is made of a solid hardwood with good craftsmanship. For the top, you might choose to add a slab of granite that will give your kitchen an even more solid feeling and elegance.

Trash Can Hidden In A Kitchen Island

There are some amazing designs out there for a small kitchen island that has pull outs that reveal trash receptacles. This can be really handy in a small kitchen to keep your trash hidden and give your self some counter space.

It looks nice to go with a white cabinet base then with a wooden countertop to add some warmth. The trash area should be well sealed so that odors can’t escape and make your kitchen smell bad, but a premade kitchen island will have that figured out.

Free Standing Marble Kitchen Island

Nothing says luxury like a marble topped kitchen island, and even in a tiny kitchen, you can make it work with a free standing island. Free standing islands have long legs that put them at the perfect height for chopping, and they have a shelf underneath so you can store some kitchen items.

We love a nice white marble topped kitchen island for its classic beauty and enduring charm. The great thing about a free standing island is that you can move it to a place where it is convenient when you have those needs.

Hide-A-Way Kitchen Island

You can create a kitchen island on hinges that folds up flat against the wall when you don’t need it for chopping or kneading bread. This is a wonderful space saver and can be one of the most important parts of a small kitchen.

A hide-a-way kitchen island can also be used as an eating area if you need it, and it is always there for you. Call upon it in any situation and you will be grateful for it.

Metal Based Narrow Kitchen Island

You can have a custom metal base made for your kitchen island and put a beautiful piece of marble on top. Keeping it narrow keeps it out of the way for the most part, but still helpful when you need some prep space.

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