10 Genius Hacks For Designing A Small Bathroom

When you are searching for the perfect small bathroom ideas, it might feel like all of the tips you come across are not what you want or for a larger bathroom. The best small bathroom design ideas make you feel comfortable in your bathroom and like it is bigger than it really is.

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Small bathroom remodeling is something that can feel difficult, but the best way to look at it is that a small bathroom renovation is your opportunity to use your problem solving and creativity skills. With a small bathroom hack or two up your sleeve, you can make your bathroom incredible.

 For this article we have enlisted the help of our genius bathroom design team to share their best small bathroom ideas. You can use these genius bathroom hacks as a way to make your small bathroom a place you can feel proud of for decades.

Use Light Colors

Choosing a light color palette in your small bathroom can help it seem bigger than it really is. This is because light colors reflect more light, which makes your bathroom seem more spacious than the physical area it takes up.

The traditional choice for a small bathroom is to go with all white, but some folk out there might find a totally white bathroom boring. You can choose other light colors, like pink, yellow or even blue, as long as they are on the light side of the spectrum.

You can also do some trim that is a different color, or even add in some black tiles that can bring some more visually appealing elements. Going with one solid color can seem bland to some people, so you might consider sprinkling in some contrast or some unique decorations.

Add More Natural Light

Getting more natural light into a small bathroom is a huge help to making your space feel a bit bigger than it is. You can add a window, a skylight, a solar tube, or expand an existing window.

Being able to see outside of a small bathroom expands the space your eyes have to look around. The sunlight during the day also adds brightness that electric lights just can’t match.

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Adding the right decor into your small bathroom can make a big difference in how big it feels. You definitely want to err on the side of too little decor to ensure that the space doesn’t feel crowded.

A small framed picture is a great way to bring some lively character to your small bathroom remodel. They are flat, so they don’t intrude into the visual space of a bathroom.

Wall Mounted Toilet

This is a hack that we can’t emphasize enough for a small bathroom remodel. Standard toilets take up a lot of space, that is essentially dead space.

Wall mounted toilets give you some extra vital inches by putting the water tank of the toilet into the wall behind the bowl. This gives you up to a square foot of extra room, which can be a lifesaver during a small bathroom remodel.

Pedestal Sink

A small bathroom with a pedestal sink has an elegant look that is much more appropriate than a boxy vanity. A pedestal sink reminds you of an era of sophistication with its sleek appearance.

The drawback of a pedestal sink is that it gives you no storage space, so if you are desperate for a place to keep some bathroom supplies, this might not be the small bathroom remodel idea for you. The slight figure of a pedestal sink really makes a small bathroom look bigger though.

Large Format Tiles

It might seem a little counterintuitive, but bigger tiles actually help a small bathroom feel larger. Especially when you have an expert tiler to the installation and they can use small grout lines between tiles.

Choose a natural marble looking tile and your small bathroom will become a place of magnificence. This look can up the wow factor in your small bathroom, and make you feel happy about your choices.

Shower Stall

Unfortunately for lovers of a nice long soak in a hot tub of water, there is not much space for a bathtub in a small bathroom remodel. Shower stalls are functional, and take up much less space than a full bathtub.

You can have a frameless glass enclosure installed, which will make your bathroom seem much bigger than it really is. This adds more visual space, which does the trick of making your bathroom feel big.

Open Shower

While a frameless glass shower enclosure is a luxurious way to make a bathroom, it also comes with a big price tag that just might not be in the budget. Open showers give you the same large feeling as a frameless enclosure, without the costs.

The trick with open showers is that you have to make everything in the splash zone waterproof. There is no barrier between the shower and its surroundings, so your bathroom will be more wet.

Big Mirror

Having a large mirror in your small bathroom makes it seem a lot bigger than it really is. Sometimes looking into a mirror makes you feel like there is a whole different room on the other side, which works well when you are designing a small bathroom.

Most people want to use their medicine cabinet as a mirror, and you can do that with a wall flush medicine cabinet. These take up almost no extra space and give you a great perspective when looking at yourself.

Open Shelving

Even small bathrooms need to include some storage space, and open shelves are one of the most space efficient ways to do that. As opposed to a bathroom cabinet, open shelves don’t have that big old box to worry about.

You can also use open shelves to display bathroom decor that you can change up. Changing the bathroom decor in a small bathroom helps the space feel fresh, so that you don’t get tired of your small bathroom.

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