Why To Choose Gray Kitchen Cabinets?

One of the most important aspects of a kitchen design that will have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the space is kitchen cabinets. The color and style will really dictate a lot about the overall appearance of a kitchen and this makes choosing the kitchen cabinets vital to achieving your design goals.

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Gray kitchen cabinets can be one of the best colors you can choose to match and accentuate many kitchen designs and themes. Gray kitchen cabinet colors are a great way to make many interesting styles come to life and be a perfect match for your style.

If you are considering some gray kitchen cabinets ideas, we have created this post to help you find exactly the right choice of gray cabinets. Here you can read all about how kitchen cabinets that are gray can make your kitchen all that you expect it to be.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Need Less Cleaning

The darker of a shade of gray that you choose, the less dirt and grime that will show up, which means less cleaning and more time enjoying your kitchen. Gray just doesn’t show that much dirt and can hide it so well that they will almost always seem clean.

While white kitchens are a popular look for their brightness and clean appearance, sometimes maintaining those things can take a lot of effort. With grey cabinets you can get most of the brightness and the clean appearance with a lot less time spent washing and dusting. 

Many types of dirt have a grey color to them, so they blend in easily with gray cabinets so that you and your guests won’t even notice that the cabinets are getting dirty. This will give you peace of mind to know that even if you don’t have time to dust your cabinets before you host friends or family, your cabinets will look clean and you can feel proud of their beauty.

Kitchen Cabinets Gray Color Options

From dark grey kitchen cabinets to light gray kitchen cabinets, there are many shades of this color that can fit with almost any kitchen aesthetic that you are shooting for. The trick is to find that exact gray color that will make your kitchen shine. 

If you are hoping to have your kitchen cabinets be gray but be a sort of background feature, you might choose a lighter shade of gray that won’t stand out too much with your kitchen’s accent pieces. Choosing some bright colors for your countertops, trim pieces or kitchen hardware can make the gray cabinets in the kitchen seem like the canvas that the rest of the kitchen is painted onto.

You can make darker colored grey kitchen cabinets that can almost have a blue or black hint to them, stand out in a white kitchen. Making the walls and countertops around a dark grey cabinet will sort of make the cabinets pop and grab your attention.

Awesome Hardware Combos

Choosing a hardware set to match your grey kitchen cabinets can be really fun because so many finishes and styles look great and can change the whole atmosphere of the kitchen. This gives you a lot of power to make sure that your design goals are coming through and that your kitchen looks the way that you want it to. 

If you are going for a really sophisticated and maybe even fancy look, golden bronze is a really popular color of hardware right now. Golden pulls and hinges add a little something special to your kitchen cabinets that can look great in many themes.

For sleek, modern gray kitchen cabinets you can go with a silver finish. This sort of has a minimalist look which is popular and can help to make you feel calm while you are in your kitchen. People love the laid back feeling of grey cabinets with silver hardware and if you want that in your kitchen, you can have it.

Color Changing Grey Kitchen Cabinets

You can modify your grey kitchen cabinet’s color by altering the lighting around them, having different colored appliances and choosing accent pieces that will contrast or compliment them. You can especially play with the temperature that the grey kitchen cabinets give off, from a cold feeling to a warm and cozy feeling. 

If you pair your kitchen cabinets with white, you can expect the kitchen to feel a bit colder and the grey might even appear more blue. This sort of icty gray can be really nice in hot weather and will make serving a cold drink or ice cream that much more refreshing. 

If you want to warm up your kitchen, you can use some red accent pieces. Red appliances will change your gray kitchen into a more relaxed atmosphere that can feel very cozy. 

You can also choose to display different items at different times to change the temperature of your grey kitchen cabinets. You could bring out an icy blue bowl and display it on a shelf to cool down the kitchen. A hot pink picture frame could be used for those days when you want your kitchen to feel more warm. 

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Match Many Styles

The color gray is a bit of a shape shifter and you can make it work with a lot of different kitchen design themes. You can even change your wall color or appliances later and it will be easy to match them with your kitchen cabinets. 

Gray is a fairly neutral color that hardly clashes with any other colors. You can count on your grey kitchen cabinets to look good with any style that you may want to incorporate down the road. Gray is a flexible color that can do a lot of things.

If you are looking at stock or semi- custom cabinets, they usually have a lot of grey tones that you can choose from to make getting your kitchen cabinets that much easier. Sometimes, in today’s world with shipping problems and supply chain issues, it is good to know that gray cabinets are readily available and also will look stylish.

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