What to Expect from a Kitchen Design or Remodel Consultation

You’re ready to have your kitchen remodeled? How exciting! Now it’s time to have your remodeling consultation with the contractor.

Consultations can vary between contractors but there are some common factors that make it pretty easy to know what to expect. Here are a few things you should know.

  1. Do your homework when deciding on a contractor. Call the business you’re considering and determine exactly what’s involved in a consultation. If they have a showroom, visit it to get a better idea of what they have to offer. Make sure you’re clear on any consultation fees ahead of time.
  2. Determine your budget before you call in a pro. Have a concrete budget in mind, so that your contractor will be able to recommend materials and installations. Make sure you’ve got some wiggle room, because things can change during the construction process and unexpected issues may reveal themselves.
  3. Consultations are pretty standard. You’ll call and explain the project, including the budget and the scope of the work. When you make this call, ask about design charges. Consultations aren’t typically a one-time thing, and you’ll probably see the contractor a few times before your project begins. At the consultation, you’ll provide a good idea of what you want. Afterwards, your contractor may draw up designs or invite you to look at some materials in person.
  4. Know what to ask. You’ll have your own questions, but consider these to get started:
      • How did your last project go?
      • Can I see some of your work on projects similar to mine?
      • What design trends should I be considering?
      • Are my goals realistic within my budget?
      • Can I live in my home while the renovation is underway?
      • Will you stick to your construction timelines?
  5. The contractor will need to check out your house. Whether in the initial consultation or later, expect a walkthrough. Even if you’re only remodeling the kitchen, a thorough contractor will want to see other rooms in your home as well. It’s important for contractors to look at the electrical systems and plumbing, and possibly go into the attic or basement to fully understand the situation.
  6. After the consultation, you’ll receive a bid. It’s smart to get bids from several companies, so that you’ll know you’re getting the best value for your money.

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