Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets You’ll Love

When you walk into a kitchen the most prominent thing you are likely to notice are the cabinets. This hugely important part of the kitchen is not only a beautiful and stylish piece, but it is also one of the most used pieces of furniture you have in the house. You literally touch your kitchen cabinets every day if not every time you enter your kitchen.

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There are many types of kitchen cabinets, and when you are searching for new ones to add to your home, it can be difficult to wrap your head around all the choices that you can put into your cabinets. To help you choose the right type of cabinet for your kitchen, we have put together this list of the different types of cabinets you can choose from with some little notes about their benefits and weaknesses.


Beadboard is a wood paneling made with vertical grooves. When used to make kitchen cabinets, beadboard can add a bit of a Scandanavian atmosphere to the kitchen. The beadboard’s vertical lines can make the kitchen feel too busy if you are going for a minimalist look, but for a rustic cabin or cottage, it adds warmth.

Made of plywood, beadboard is not expensive and can be easy to make into cabinet doors. They can even be used for the inside of the cabinets to add a cool look when the doors are open or if they are made of glass.

Beadboard is usually described as having a relaxed feeling and the texture of the boards can be interesting for the eye. Beadboard can even be installed on top of old cabinets, which could make it very budget-friendly.


Using see-through glass for kitchen storage cabinets is an elegant look that can show off your beautiful kitchenware and keep dust out. This style can also pair well with other cabinet styles, so you can have a glass front on just your fine china cabinet or wherever you want it.

Glass- front looks especially good on tall cabinets, as the height makes the whole room seem bigger and the glass makes it look deep too. There are many options for glass cabinets, they are easy to clean and they show off your fine dishware.

Looking at the dishware behind the glass doors adds texture to the kitchen and makes the room seem more relaxed but also elegant. A drawback could be that you do need to keep your cabinets organized, as you can’t just hide a mess behind the cabinet door.


Inset cabinets have the doors set into the frames of the cabinets so that they have an all-flush look. The only part that sticks out is hardware-like hinges and handles. They look very fancy and nice, and it can be difficult to get them to look good. The installation is a key to making them look as you hope, and should only be done by experts in kitchen cabinets.

The difficulty of installation causes inset cabinets to be one of the most expensive choices for cabinets. When they are installed correctly, it is hard to beat the look of inset cabinets. Usually, inset cabinets will have exposed hinges, so if you do not like the look of hinges sticking out, you may not want to choose inset cabinets.


These cabinets are just flat doors with no designs, inlays, or outlays. They have a simple and elegant look that can go with many design concepts. They are really easy to keep clean because of the single, flat surface.

Also called slab cabinets, they are perfect for a minimalist look but can be dolled up with different color and hardware combinations if you are going that route. They are the most affordable option for cabinet styles because of their simple nature.

They will fit in best as modern kitchen cabinets and are easy to paint in any color that you may like. Some say that flat-front cabinets can have a cold or sterile feeling, and this can be fixed by picking the right colors and the right hardware to give some more interesting elements.


The center panel in raised panel cabinets stick out, giving three-dimensional look to the cabinets. These are a classic design that matches well in any design motif. You can choose from a plethora of wood materials and finishes that all look great.

Raised panel cabinets have been used in traditional homes for generations and look good with any finish or type of wood. You can even make the raised part one color, and the frame another color for a stunning pop. Raised panel cabinets can be a little tricky to keep clean because they have multiple surfaces.


The center panel on shaker-style cabinets is recessed, and it is one of the most popular styles of the cabinet out there. These cabinets look really good in a modern kitchen and can be styled in so many ways that they can definitely match your design goals.

Being that shaker is such a popular style of cabinets, they will often be available in stock and will have a lower price than other styles. You will have many options for where to get the cabinets as the demand for them is quite high, so you can shop around to find the right price and the right materials.


This style consists of planks of wood layered and looking almost like house siding or like window shutters. They have a really unique look and can be especially effective left with a clear finish to show off the natural beauty of the wood.

Louvered cabinets are known to make space look bigger than it really is. If you feel like you have a tiny kitchen, adding louvered cabinets may help expand your space and make you feel more comfortable.

These cabinets can be the most difficult to clean because they have more surfaces that can trap dust. The slots in between the panels let more airflow into the cabinets, so can be good to help prevent any musty odors.

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