Top Clever Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

If you want to make the most out of your kitchen storage space, you need to find some clever corner kitchen cabinets ideas. Getting new kitchen cabinets is an exciting process, and you want to make sure that you get the most out of them.

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A corner kitchen cabinet enlarges the amount of storage you have in your kitchen in what could otherwise be dead space. This is the smart move to make to create the best kitchen cabinets for your home and your lifestyle.

For this article we will present the expert opinions from our veteran staff at our kitchen cabinet store about some clever corner kitchen cabinets. These incredible ideas for kitchen cabinet styles are guaranteed to make your kitchen look the best that it can and fit your unique style.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets 

There are so many modern kitchen cabinet looks out there and each of them can have a stylish corner cabinet included to maximize space. Some of the most popular kitchen cabinets to include a corner cabinet in are:

  • Flat Panel- With their minimalistic look, these cabinets look perfect in a modern kitchen, and there are several corner cabinet options to choose from that perform well.
  • Shaker- If you want a bit of a timeless and modern look, there is no better style than shaker, it is one of the most popular for several decades in a row.
  • Frameless- A popular look in European kitchens, frameless cabinets have a modern look, and they give you a bit more storage space per cubic foot.

You really need to look at all of your cabinet options in a showroom to know exactly which one will be the best for your kitchen. Then you need to imagine what the cabinets will look like in your kitchen with the colors you want and your decorations.

The most common modern kitchen uses a white theme, but that is not your only option when you are choosing corner kitchen cabinets. Lighter colors look great for a modern kitchen look, but you can also change things up and go black or a dark shade of any color.

The Classic: Lazy Susan

I don’t know why people always called Susan lazy, I think she was pretty darn intelligent coming up with the ultimate way to use a corner cabinet. In case you don’t know, a Lazy Suzan is a tray on wheels that gives you access to more space in a corner cabinet by rotating your items from front to back.

The Lazy Susan corner cabinet can be found in older homes, as well as in modern kitchen installations, showing that it is a timeless invention that you will love. Lazy Susans come in several sizes to fit your kitchen, and you can speak with your cabinet design team about the best size for your home.

This is really an incredible way to get the most out of your corner cabinet and keep anything you like in there, from spices, to a toaster. You will have access to everything in your blind corner without worrying about losing track of your important kitchen items.

Is It An Illusion, Or Is It Angled Corner Drawers?

An angled corner drawer is just like a regular drawer, except that its face has an angle on it with the corner of your kitchen. They are an attractive option to add some storage where otherwise you might not be able to keep things.

They don’t quite use up all of the corner space, because the drawer space can only be as wide as the face. This means there is dead air on both sides of the drawer that you won’t be able to use at all.

People usually feel surprised the first time they use a corner drawer because they don’t expect it to pull out the way that it does. This can make people laugh or smile, and it is something you will have fun showing to all of your friends.

Traditional Angled Corner Cabinet

The absolute simplest design for maximizing your corner space is with an angled corner cabinet. These styles of cabinets have a slightly smaller door, but open up wider inside, which makes them handy for storing several large pots or pans.

These types of kitchen cabinets have been around for centuries, and you can find one to suit your needs, whether you are getting stock, custom or semi-custom kitchen cabinets. This type of corner cabinet could cut your budget down because they are so well loved and respected.

Angled corner cabinets bring a certain traditional air to your kitchen, so if that is your goal, this could be the perfect match for you. This style of corner cabinet can also be used with a Lazy Susan to give you easier access to items in the back of your storage area.

Accordion Cabinet Door: A Fun Approach

An accordion cabinet door looks like a regular corner cabinet when it is closed, then, when you open it up, it actually has a fold in the middle. This allows you to open up the entire corner of your storage area and gain more access to the items you need.

This style of kitchen cabinet gives you nearly the same space as an angled kitchen corner cabinet, but this is more suitable for lower cabinets. They are a wonderful place to stow crock pots, or even all of your baking supplies so you can pull them out when you need them.

The drawback of these kinds of kitchen cabinets is that they involve two hinges, which need to be well balanced to function properly. If one of the hinges gets out of whack, it can make your cabinet door squeak, or not close well.

Glass Front Corner Cabinet

This idea uses the angled corner cabinet, but it puts a glass front in the door so that you can see into the cabinet. Add some inner cabinet lighting, and you have an amazing amount of elegance to show off to your guests.

This is a wonderful place to show off some of your fine china or some other decoration. You do have to keep your glass front cabinets organized at all times, so no stuffing plates and bowls in there, hoping it all stays put.

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