Top 5 Common Myths About Remodeling Your Kitchen

There are a ton of kitchen remodeling myths out there, some good and some extremely scary that make you want to run. Wading through the true and false kitchen renovation myths can be quite the challenge these days.

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The most common myths in kitchen modeling have been around for a long time and it is hard to tell what is true and what is false. Some myths about kitchen remodels make you think that the task at hand could be just too difficult to take on, that is why knowing the truth is so critical.

 To help you get to the bottom of kitchen remodel myths, we have asked our expert kitchen remodeling contractors to explain what is real and what is illusion. This article will help you wade through what is kitchen remodel myth and what is fact.

The Best Cabinets Are Custom Cabinets

When you are getting ready to do a kitchen remodel you will certainly hear a lot of tales about the wonders of custom kitchen cabinets. While yes, they are a beautiful piece of furniture that will last you a lifetime, they are not the right choice for every kitchen renovation.

Depending on the size of your kitchen and the amount of storage you need, stock or semi- custom cabinets could be the best fit for your needs. There are so many high quality stock or semi- custom cabinets out there that it doesn’t make sense to just write all of them off before shopping around.

If you have a lot of space but don’t need too much storage in your kitchen, you can most likely be better served by stock cabinets that will be much easier on your budget than custom cabinets. Stock cabinets will fit easily into a large space, and they offer plenty of storage that you can use to keep everything you need for your kitchen in.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinets Costs More Than Refacing Cabinets

This myth is only true if your kitchen remodel ideas include doing a whole lot of sanding, working with chemicals and painting on your own. It is actually a ton of work to do a proper refacing of kitchen cabinets, and if you are paying for that labor, it can start to add up to a huge bill.

If you want to change up the look of your cabinet doors you will need to buy all new doors, which may need to be custom built to fit your cabinet boxes. That can be nearly as expensive as having a whole set of custom cabinets built between the wood you need to buy and the labor to make them.

You can find a reasonably priced, brand new set of kitchen cabinets with the help of your kitchen remodeling service for a surprisingly low price. New cabinets will work well so that you won’t have to worry about doors that won’t close or that creak in the night and wake the whole house up.

White Kitchen Cabinets Are A Timeless Look

White is a neutral color that can look good in any period and with a large variety of decorations and design themes. But, they also show off a lot of dirt, smudges and marks which come standard with just about any furnishing in the kitchen. White cabinets may be a timeless look, but it is going to take more work to make them look good, which gets pretty tiring.

White cabinets are a good choice if you can’t quite decide on the color of your kitchen, because you can easily paint them another color when the time comes. You can’t really go wrong with a set of white kitchen cabinets, but you can definitely find a more lively and ingenious color for your kitchen.

If you want a muted tone that is not so easy to spot the marks of time on, you might want to consider a shade of gray. This color still gives you a subtle and fashionable look, but it is a bit easier when it comes to maintenance.

Kitchen Islands Are Necessities

When you’ve got the space, a kitchen island can be a pretty darn handy thing to add as part of your kitchen remodel. The problem is:

  1. Many kitchens are simply too small to accommodate a kitchen island and there would not be enough room to move and cook.
  2. Sometimes a kitchen island just doesn’t make sense. If your kitchen is already large, with plenty of counter space, two sinks and storage, a kitchen island just closes you off from dancing around your kitchen.

Adding a kitchen island where it is not needed is a real disaster that could make you regret the fact that you listened to myths when considering a kitchen remodel. Don’t be a fool and add a kitchen island just because you heard it was necessary, work with a competent kitchen designer who can advise you on if an island is appropriate or not.

You Can DIY A Kitchen Remodel

Yes, people do remodel their own kitchens, but the people who do are normally experienced construction workers or people with lots of time on their hands a.k.a retired. Remodeling a kitchen is a serious undertaking, and it is not something that you are going to be able to do in your spare hours. 

It takes a ton of tools to do a beautiful kitchen remodel, and buying all of the tools you need could easily be more expensive than hiring a kitchen remodeling service. Then there is the time it takes, it is not a weekend job, it can stretch for months if you do it yourself. That whole time you won’t be able to use your kitchen much.

You might think that a DIY kitchen remodel seems fun, but it is in reality a painstaking, boring process where you can easily smash your fingers every day. For something like 90 percent of folks out there, a kitchen remodel is not a DIY job, and you should consider hiring professionals who will deliver a beautiful kitchen that you can enjoy for many years.

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