Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends & Ideas in Falls Church, VA

If you are searching for some bathroom remodeling ideas in Falls Church, VA, you probably want to know about the latest trends in your area. There are a lot of new trends in bathroom remodeling these days, and keeping up with them can be dizzying. 

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When you keep up to date on the newest trends in bathroom remodeling you can feel confident that your project turns out the way you want. There are so many exciting bathroom remodeling trends for 2022, and learning about them can be a fun adventure.

To help you understand the latest trends in bathroom remodeling, our experts will share their opinions about the top five ideas they have seen this year. This article will ensure that you know all you need to make your bathroom remodeling in Falls Church, VA a smash hit.

Mirrors Are Hot Right Now

A staple feature of any bathroom is the mirror, but this year we are seeing bathroom designers incorporate many mirrors. This is a clever way to add extra brightness to your bathroom and gives you multiple angles to make sure you are ready for the day or a night out. 

This year designers are putting mirrors in unexpected places in the bathroom with big success. Some of the places you might not expect to have a mirror, but works well are:

  • Behind the bathroom door
  • Next to the toilet
  • In the shower or bathtub
  • On the ceiling
  • Opposite from a window

Mirrors are a perfect decor solution for a small bathroom, because they trick your eyes into thinking the bathroom is bigger. This is incredibly helpful if you constantly find yourself feeling cramped in your bathroom but don’t have the funds to expand.

Matte Finishes For Bathroom Hardware

The traditional look for faucets, shower heads and cabinet hardware is shiny metal, but this year things are different. Many bathroom designers are choosing matte finishes, which add a bit of intrigue to your space that you will love.

Matte black is particularly popular, but you can also find hardware in matte white, or even golden matte. You should choose a color that goes with your personality and the style you want to portray with your bathroom remodel. 

One of the top advantages of matte finishes is that they don’t show dirt or grime like a glossy finish can. This means you won’t feel pressure to constantly clean smudges off of your faucets and other hardware in your bathroom, which can be a relief.

Separation Of Toilet And The Rest Of The Bathroom

Doing your business on the toilet has always been a private matter, but this year it is even more so. Many bathroom designers are putting toilets behind half walls or even in a fully enclosed space of their own within the bathroom.

This is a trendy look, but it also makes a lot of people more comfortable while they are using the toilet. It also keeps smells and sounds that are a natural part of our lives in their own enclosure and away from other parts of the bathroom.

In master bathrooms that are meant for more than one person to use at a time, this is a really handy way to have your bathroom layed out. Having a separate toilet area lets you focus on grooming and bathing in the rest of the bathroom, which feels much cleaner to many people.

Bringing In The Natural Light 

Because of the private nature of bathrooms, they have often only had one window that is obscured by frosted glass or curtains much of the time. Things are changing and designers have really been getting more of that important sunlight into bathrooms.

Skylights are one way to add a lot of sunlight, and also keep your bathroom feeling private. There are not too many situations where you have people looking into your bathroom from your roof, so letting int the sunlight this way still feels safe.

Even adding more windows is a big trend in bathroom design. Privacy is created with frosting, stained glass or other methods that only obscure some of the important daylight. There is nothing better for you than having lots of sunlight in the morning while you are getting ready for a productive day.

Adding Some Plants Into The Mix

We don’t normally think about houseplants when we think of bathroom remodeling and design, but this year they are trending. These little organisms bring splashes of color and beauty to your bathroom and help you stop and realize that everything will be alright. 

Some designers are even choosing plants before they begin their design process, to incorporate them into each element of the bathroom. One or two plants is great, but five or more plants can really liven up your bathroom and make you feel happy everyday.

Choose a plant or two that you like the look of and that will do well in your bathroom based on the light and temperature requirement you can give them. Some plants that do well inside of bathrooms are:

  • Asparagus Fern- This light airy, green plant like moderate to bright light, so it will do best in a bathroom window. It can shoot out to six feet wide.
  • Bamboo- This fast growing plant is known to take over gardens, but it does very well in small containers too. You can plant this one near a window to make it healthier.
  • Bromeliads- For some incredible flowers in the wintertime, bromeliads are sure to bring a smile to your face. They are famous for thriving where other houseplants won’t, so give them a try.
  • Cast Iron Plant- With tropical looking foliage, this plant gets its name from its ability to grow even when abused. This plant does great in full shade, so it should thrive in your bathroom.
  • Croton- This plant has brightly spotted foliage and loves bright, but indirect light, which many bathrooms provide. 

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