Small Kitchen Remodeling- Layouts That Work For Limited Spaces

As the saying goes “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” The same thing applies to kitchens, it is not the dimensions that matters but  the layouts when you are thinking of creating a practical and beautiful area. When looking for small kitchen remodeling layouts the important thing is not the size but how you work with it. 

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A fundamental element to consider when working with layouts for a small kitchen is functionality. You have to eliminate any space-consuming appliances, create storage space, integrate multi-tasking elements and, most importantly, create a place for everything in your small kitchen layout and put everything in its place. 

We know small kitchen remodeling needs preparation that is why we are ready to share with you these small kitchen layout plans to help you get started on the kitchen of your dreams.

“L”  Is For The Way You Cook 

When seeking for small kitchen layouts ideas, the L-Shaped kitchen layout is the perfect solution for oddly-shaped corner spaces. This kind of design can be used in any size kitchen where two adjacent walls are lined with cabinets, countertops and appliances.

The L-Shaped kitchen  leaves plenty of room to move around by blending seamlessly into a corner of a larger space, fading into the background perfectly when it is not in use.

In this kind of kitchen layout for small kitchens there are a few tricks you can use to maximize space: you can install a built-in cabinetry that goes all the way to the ceiling to maximize every inch of the  vertical space. 

No Kitchen Is an Island, Entire Of Itself

If you think a small kitchen is not the place for an island or peninsula, we are glad to tell you that you are mistaken. Adding an island can help you out with the flow of the kitchen and also create added storage space where you can put away less used items like store linens and platters.  

In addition you can make the most of this area by utilizing the space by hanging your specialty cookware above the island, it can also work as a prep station, and extra storage space with some shelves, or you can use it as a breakfast nook by adding some cute stools. 

On the other hand, a kitchen peninsula is an island that is connected to a wall. This gives extra functionality to an L-shaped kitchen by adding food preparation or a seating area without losing floor space. This type of element can also come in handy by creating extra storage space by having some shelving underneath. 

What Does A Horse And A Kitchen Have In Common? It’s U!

The U-shape  layout looks like a horseshoe, it has three walls that are usually lined with kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances, like the stove or fridge. 

If you have a lot of things to put away this type of kitchen is perfect for you as it was especially created to have a large amount of storage without losing space to free flow while cooking or cleaning. It optimizes every nook and cranny by having floor to ceiling cabinetry.

Another good tip is to keep your countertops clear to help this space look clean and clutter-free. 

Wall By Myself

Sometimes less is more, and with the one wall kitchen what you see is what you get. This kind of design is very common for lofts and apartments and with just one wall to contain cabinets, appliances, and countertops is the perfect solution if you are struggling with a small space. 

Logistics play a big part in this type of layout, you have to consider how you move around and incorporate the storage area, the countertops and the appliance in a way that makes sense to the route you most likely take when using them.

A modern variation to the one-wall kitchen design can include a kitchen island that can store in their cabinets larger appliances and a variety of kitchen items. 

Anchors Aweigh!

One of the most popular small kitchen layouts for small kitchens  is the galley. This is named after the kitchen area in ships and is often found in limited tiny apartments. The galley layout shapes the kitchen into a narrow corridor between two walls. On one side you can find the cabinets, on the opposite wall the appliances, this means two working stations facing each other. 

Installing a full wall cabinetry is a good call to take advantage of the space. Considering exposed cabinetry is also a good  idea as this creates an open feeling to the room.  

To help create the illusion of a bigger space it is recommended to use light paint color to make the kitchen feel open. Adding high shine hardware and glass cabinetry  helps the light to bounce around the space.  Custom paneling your appliances to mimic your existing cabinetry will create a clutter-free seamless visual. 

Let’s Get Minimal

If you like clean lines, open space and a monochromatic sleek look, you have found your true love in Scandinavian design. 

This kind of layout prioritizes functionality. By having a streamlined wall of appliances and cabinetry painted in just one color it creates more storage without looking cramped. 

Stainless-steel countertops and lower cabinets, instead of having them at eye level, contribute to obtain this clean look. 

When A Door Closes… 

No matter the layout you choose, having a window with a skyline view automatically opens up your space,  maximizes natural light and creates extra sightlines to a cramped area.  

Installing your breakfast nook next to a window will help you transform your normal cup of coffee to a great start of the day routine. 

Paint Me A Kitchen

When you are working with small spaces, playing with color helps create the illusion of a bigger area. In a small kitchen adopting a monochromatic palette, like whites or grays, will create a sense of harmony.

You can spice the monochromatic theme a little bit by painting the lower cabinets in a deeper hue to create more depth to your space. 

If you tend to be more bold, do not worry! You can still play with mixing colors. You can keep your cabinets and walls the same color and play with contrasting accents in your lights, hoods or decorations. 


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