Popular Modernized Bathroom Remodeling Designs Silver Spring, MD

Are you out looking for remodeling contractors to help you with your bathroom renovation? Searching for the perfect bathroom remodeling designs can feel like a challenge with all of the ideas out there to sort through. In fact, there are many bathroom remodeling designs in Silver Spring, MD that can inspire you to create something beautiful.

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The best bathroom remodeling designs seem to strike a chord that resonates with your spirit. Moreover, you must look for remodeling bathroom designs in Silver Spring, MD that fit your unique personality. 

If you want to see the most popular, modernized remodeling bathroom designs, our design team has created this helpful blog post. This piece will answer all your questions about designs and remodeling bathrooms

Neutral Color Tone Brings Style and Elegance

For a modern bathroom, you don’t want anything too flashy or stimulating to take away from the overall character of the space. This reason makes a neutral palette the perfect choice for modernized bathroom remodeling designs.

In modern bathroom remodeling designs, the almost blank space created by neutral colors lets your imagination create a wonderful atmosphere. This setting also helps you to relax and take your time to do some self-soothing or mindfulness practice,

You might be wondering if a neutral color scheme could be too dull for your home. The truth is, neutral colors often combine and change tones depending on the light. This means you’ll never feel tired of your modern bathroom.

Tile Layouts Create A Unique Atmosphere

Using tile in bathroom remodeling designs is nothing new, but there are an infinite number of ways to fit tile layouts into your space. You can choose to have patterned tiles that create different geometric shapes or use printed tiles with designs on them.

Subway tiles are one of the most popular and versatile types used in modern bathroom design. They offer so many benefits, are affordable, and they look good in almost any space.

Tiles aren’t only about shapes or colors, they are also a way to bring some new textures into bathroom remodeling designs. Playing around with this concept can produce some amazing results, and you can consider this a great way to start your creative process.

Solid Metal Accents Add Spice

One of the top methods of bringing some subtle color into modern bathroom remodeling designs is with metal hardware. These could be fixtures, which are wired or plumbed in, or with fittings which are not so difficult to change.

The faucets are great opportunities to make a statement in your modern bathroom design. Choose a striking finish on your faucets, such as:

  • Golden bronze
  • Rubbed bronze
  • Bright copper
  • Matte black

All of these options bring a unique flair to your bathroom remodeling design. You can then choose to match other metal pieces in the same finish, or mix them up to create a more surprising atmosphere.

Black Bathrooms Are Trending

Once thought of as almost a taboo, black bathrooms are all the rage right now in design circles. It takes a bit of skill to succeed with this look, but it’s a task worth taking on if you want a truly stunning space.

A perfect compliment to black bathroom walls is white marble vanity tops with golden faucets and mirror frames. The warmth of the gold, with the brightness of the white, helps to balance bathroom remodeling designs and steer them away from gloominess.

You also need to consider your lighting in a black bathroom. There needs to be perfect lighting design so that it’s always easy to see and you don’t feel any regret about your color choices.

Monolithic Marble Bathroom Remodeling Designs

There is almost no design element more impressive than marble. This stone has been used throughout human history for its beauty and strength.

Fortunately, marble is readily available to use throughout your bathroom remodeling design. You can cover your space from floor to ceiling with this natural stone’s swirling patterns that will give you endless hours of viewing pleasure.

As an alternative that might be a little less expensive, you might consider using engineered quartz. It looks just like marble but is made from crushed rocks that can be quarried anywhere.

Barrierless Showers Open Up Bathroom Remodeling Designs

A concept that’s gaining popularity with modern bathroom remodeling is the barrierless shower. This layout opens up your space to create an airy atmosphere that is perfect for a modern look.

In a barrierless shower, there is no door or enclosure at all between the shower space and the rest of the room. Not having that to be in the way leaves many possibilities and almost amplifies the bathroom to seem bigger than it really is.

With a barrierless shower, you have to use only waterproof items in the splash zone, because there is simply nothing to stop water from getting on things. This takes some getting used to, but most people appreciate the simplicity of their space more than they miss having a walled-off shower.

Sleek Vanities Make A Modern Bathroom Design Pop

You spend a lot of time using your bathroom vanity, so it should be a big part of your bathroom remodeling design. For a modern look, you want to have a tall and slender bathroom vanity, with long door pulls to complete the effect.

You can also consider a floating vanity, which is mounted onto the wall behind it instead of being supported by the floor. This has a certain modern appearance that can help to bring your bathroom remodeling design to life.

Minimalism Is A Key To Modern Bathroom Remodeling Designs

Overall, keeping your bathroom more on the sparse side is a way to ensure your modern goals are reached. Make your lines clean and your edges sharp, and your bathroom should turn out the way you imagine.

Tidy is one of the key phrases to think of for a modern bathroom. You want to have a place for everything in your water closet, with not a detail out of place or over the top.

Keeping the colors simple will help you achieve minimalism. If you’re not going for black and white, seek out cooling tones like mint, deep navy, or lavender.

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