Popular Bold Kitchen Cabinets Designs In Germantown MD

If you are pondering the best kitchen cabinets designs for your home, you might be a bit overwhelmed with all the choices. Selecting the right kitchen cabinets designs and colors makes a big impact on your satisfaction with your home.

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One approach to choosing some perfect kitchen cabinet design ideas is to think about what truly makes you happy to see in a kitchen. Then, write down the most inspiring kitchen designs and cabinets and imagine which option fits your style.

To help you make this decision, our kitchen cabinets and countertops design experts will share their opinions in this post. This helpful article will take you deep into kitchen cabinets layout designs to ensure you have all the knowledge to make the best choice for your home.

Shaker Cabinets Kitchen Designs

The Shaker cabinet is a classic, always popular design found in homes across the country. That doesn’t mean you can incorporate them into a bold statement kitchen that makes you feel excited to get going on your project.

You might not know the name Shaker cabinets, but you have almost certainly seen them before in your life. The elements that make up a traditional Shaker cabinet are:

  • Two rails and two stiles that frame a recessed center panel.
  • Take paint well.
  • Excellent craftsmanship.
  • Semi-exposed hinges look great.

These cabinets are like shape-shifters and can be an integral part of many different kitchen designs. They work well in a modern kitchen because of their simple and crisp lines. They also have that traditional look you might need for a contemporary or classic design.

White Upper Cabinets with Navy Blue Lowers and Golden Accents

This look will really remind you of a beautiful day at the seaside with charming clouds drifting past your gaze. Navy blue alway brings a sort of seafaring atmosphere, while the golden hues of hardware, lampshades and range hood help to make this type of kitchen feel warm and inviting.

You can also play around with different backsplashes as the middle ground between the upper and lower cabinets. We like a white tile with geometric blue designs on them to bring the best of both worlds together into harmony.

You want to keep these sorts of kitchen cabinet designs airy if you can help it by having great light fixtures and plenty of windows. Otherwise, you might start to feel like you live in a storm cloud that could make you feel uncomfortable.

Forest Green Cabinets with Stunning Marble

You can create an earthy and vibrant kitchen with some rich, green cabinets with golden accents, situated atop stunningly black-veined white marble. The colors mimic a beautiful forest where you might find a tranquil stream rushing past majestic evergreen trees.

Another fixture worth adding to this style of kitchen is a matte black faucet in a pearly white porcelain sink. The black faucet helps to bring out the veining in the marble, which will keep you entertained for endless days with its winding swirls.

It can be tough to work such a bold color like forest green into your kitchen, but with some well attuned eyes it is possible. You also might want to think about adding a waterfall kitchen island to this design to really bring out that earthy and natural atmosphere.

Powdery Blue Kitchen Cabinet Designs

There is something incredibly calming about blue kitchen cabinets, and that is even more true with powdery blue. You can really make this color a bold choice by pairing it with a black dining table near the kitchen.

White trim looks good with the powdery blue and ensures that the kitchen won’t ever feel too dark. This is a great idea for an open, modern kitchen look that doesn’t trap into having an all white design that could start to feel too sterile.

We really like to see minimalist cabinet hardware with this color such as thin, silver pulls, but not on every door. It’s best to strategically place your hardware in the places you truly need it, then leave the rest of the doors clear and uncluttered.

Mixing and Matching Cabinet Colors

If you love a colorful space, or just can’t narrow your choices to a single cabinet color, you can put in two or more colors for a bold look. Of course, it’s critical to select colors that play well together, and that might take some extra thinking.

You want to try to find colors that compliment each other and will bring out new aspects that they wouldn’t have on their own. Cabinets are a big feature in a kitchen, so going with contrasting colors might be overwhelming for many people’s senses.

Some beautiful kitchen cabinet designs create separation in a kitchen with different colors. This could help you have a baking section, glassware section, plate section and more that are easy to find because of the different colors.

Black and Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Black is almost always a bold color to use in your kitchen cabinets, and it pairs extremely well with a sandy colored natural wood. The black cabinets could be shocking in some cases, but a soothing wooden cabinet mixed in can balance out a kitchen.

You might want to start your process of creating a kitchen design like this by thinking of framing your wooden elements in black. This helps alleviate some of the tension that might be created if the black sections of the cabinets were in a different position.

Teal Kitchen Cabinets With Brass Inlay

The combination of golden brass accents with a creamy teal kitchen cabinet design makes for a tranquil kitchen where you can relax. These colors can also be helpful in bringing out creativity and adding some spice to your recipes.

These elements look great paired with white walls, and a white quartz countertop. This creates a more contemporary look that you can feel will stay in style for many years to come. A black range hood can top off this look to make your kitchen exceptional.

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