How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets?

In the kitchen you tend to have a whole menagerie of utensils, dishware, bar items, appliances and assorted food stuffs, so the only way to make all that fit is to learn how to organize kitchen cabinets. Having enough space in kitchen cabinets is hugely important so that you can enjoy cooking and gathering in your kitchen.

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Even the best kitchen cabinets can seem pathetic if you don’t organize them properly. You might even be considering designing new custom kitchen cabinets to make everything fit, but the first option you should try is a new organization tactic. It is amazing how much space many people waste in their cabinets, so you may just be able to find a way to make all of your things fit.

For those of you out there who are feeling helpless about all the clutter taking over your kitchen, we have put together this curated guide of the best ways you can organize your kitchen cabinets. After implementing the techniques in this guide, you will find a lot more space to work with in your kitchen.

First Step: Pull Everything Out

Over months and years kitchen cabinets can start to look like a rats nest of plates and food storage containers jammed into drawers. To organize your kitchen cabinets it is best to start fresh by taking everything out of them.

This is a great time to sort everything into like groups. You may need a bit of space to do this and your things should be out of the way so you have space to work.

You can get rid of the things you don’t use anymore. You can donate usable items to a charity thrift shop. Really try and pare down to a comfortable minimum number of items to keep in your kitchen. Letting go of unused items will really help you later on.

While everything is out if your cabinets, you want to make the effort to do a thorough kitchen cabinet cleaning. You want to really get in there deep, you may not have another opportunity like this to deep clean your kitchen cabinets.

Measure Cabinet Space

For the best results in organizing your kitchen cabinets it is good to know the exact amount of space you have, and where that space is so that you can put appropriate sized items in appropriate sized cabinets.

You want to measure the length, height and depth of each cabinet space you have so that you can map out where everything will fit best. Then you can measure your things and see which items are going to fit where.

Measuring and mapping your whole cabinet system can seem like a lot of work, but if you do it you will be able to fit everything back in so much nicer. 

You can use your measurements to cut out shelf liner so that it will fit exactly in your cabinets. Get all of your cabinet spaces lined before putting items back.

Create Smarter Shelving

You can find all sorts of ways to make the most out of your kitchen cabinets by visiting a home goods store and checking out the latest gadgets for optimizing your storage space.

Small wire shelves that go inside your cabinets can help make it so that you have double the space for glassware, or so that you can stack different size plates and not have to always be reaching under the small ones to get the big ones.

For places with a lot of cabinet depth, you can use a commercial shelf slider that makes it easier to store things in the back of a cabinet but still have easy access.

These little organization helpers will go a long way to creating more room in your kitchen cabinets.

Put Everything Back Into Your Cabinets

Now that you have everything mapped out for where it will fit, you can start putting everything into its place. This step will be fun but could take some patience and some improvisation.

You will want to consider where you will use things the most and put them in a location that makes sense. Like you will want to have your baking sheets near your oven, your plates near the dishwasher and so forth.

If you are having a problem fitting everything in the place you want, don’t be afraid to pull everything out and start the organization again, getting it right will make it easier to keep it right going forward.

It is important that every item is accessible without having to pull things out of a drawer, that is just too frustrating over time. You want your organization to be so good that it will stay organized over time and all you will need to do is maintain it.

When To Replace Kitchen Cabinets

If you have tried and tried to reorganize your kitchen cabinets but you still feel flummoxed and not finding enough room for everything, it may be time to upgrade to some custom cabinets that are designed to use all of the space available.

You can talk to some local kitchen cabinet suppliers about making plans for new cabinets. Whether you want modern kitchen cabinets or want a more traditional look, you will be able to work with a cabinet maker to create the perfect cabinets for all of your kitchen items.

Sometimes there is literally no way you can fit all the things you use in the kitchen into your existing cabinets, so you will be much happier designing custom cabinets that will meet all of your needs. Especially if you have moved into a kitchen you did not design, you should strongly consider at least putting in your own cabinets that will have enough space.

Kitchen cabinets are a big expense, so you want to make sure that you have a clear idea of your goals with new cabinets. Working with a good cabinet maker and design team will help you figure out exactly how your new cabinets will look and how much space you will need.

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