10 Hacks to Gain More Storage Space in Bathroom Cabinets

We need to have a ton of stuff in our bathrooms like makeup, deodorant, soap, shampoos, toothbrushes, lotion and all sorts of other gizmos that we may not have enough room for in our bathroom cabinets. Especially if you live in a small apartment with a tiny bathroom, your bathroom storage cabinets and bathroom vanities may not contain adequate space for all the things you need.

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Your bathroom is a critical part of your daily life and you must find a way to fit everything you need for personal hygiene and grooming. Often times you can’t make your bathroom any bigger, so we are presenting these ten hacks to gain more storage space in your bathroom cabinets.

With these helpful storage hacks you will be able to find a way to fit everything you need into your bathroom. With a little effort and ingenuity your small bathroom will feel a lot better and function more smoothly.

Build Shelves Around Plumbing

The pipes under your bathroom vanity are a critical part of the bathroom, but they also get in the way of what would otherwise be useful storage space. By being handy with a saw, some brackets and shelving material, you can build some small shelves around the pipes under the sink.

To do this attach the brackets to the inner walls of the vanity and then cut the shelving material so that it will fit around the pipes. You need to be sure that the shelves are fairly easy to remove in case you should need plumbing work in the future.

Attach Hooks Or Shelves Onto A Bathroom Wall Cabinet

The outside of a bathroom wall cabinet has great potential for storing some toiletries or hanging hand towels. You can use little hooks to hang things or you can build tiny shelves to place things on.

From hooks you can hang cupholders that can hold toothbrushes and other toiletries. One little shelf built on the side of a bathroom cabinet could be the perfect place to store extra toilet paper or place some decorative candles.

Thin Rolling Shelving

You can buy a thin rolling shelf cart that can fit in the dead space between the toilet and sink or the toilet and the wall. Just a few inches wide and a couple feet long could be all the difference you need to fit some extra bathroom necessities.

A thin movable shelf can fit behind a door or along a wall where it will not be in the way. These shelf carts are so versatile and will make a huge difference in a small bathroom.

Separate Items In Containers

There are tons of options for containers to separate items inside of a drawer. If you are having problems with clutter inside of bathroom cabinet drawers, separating the items with like items in separate containers will make finding what you need much easier and it won’t look so cluttered.

You can use clear plastic toiletry pouches, mason jars or something else that fits your asthetic. Organizing your drawers this way will make it seem like you have more space and will help things flow.

Use Suction Cups On Tile, Glass and Mirrors

Suction cups are amazingly strong and can be used to hang cupholders and small shelves from shower walls, a window or a bathroom mirror. These will created awesome little spaces where you can keep shampoos and other bathroom essentials.

Door Hung Toiletry Holders

Hanging a large toiletry bag with different pouches from the back of your bathroom door will add a lot of storage space to your bathroom without taking up much room. Then when you travel you can just roll the toiletry bag up and take everything you need with you.

These toiletry hangers have a surprising amount of space and the separate, clear pouches make finding anything you need easy.

Clever Toilet Paper Holders

Buying bulk toilet paper can save you a lot of money, but in a small bathroom you might not have room for a dozen or more rolls. This problem has been solved by a few different products that store extra toilet paper without taking up much room.

One clever product is a tube that can hold up to 12 rolls of toilet paper. You stick new rolls in the top, and you can pull one out if the bottom when you need it. The slim design does not take up much space and looks stylish in any bathroom.

Another product for storing toilet paper can be hung on a wall with pegs sticking out to hold fresh rolls of toilet paper. The rolls sitting on the pegs look like a cloud and are a stylishl way to store toilet paper in plain sight.

Build Storage Around a Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are a really attractive design feature for a bathroom, but they offer no storage underneath and create dead space. If you are in need of function over looks in your small bathroom, buy or make some storage shelves underneath the pedestal sink.

You can even find storage shelves that are made to hang underneath a pedestal sink, because so many people have realized that that type of sink leaves a void for storage space.

Install a Wall Mounted Toilet

Wall mounted toilets keep the plumbing inside the wall and hang the toilet bowl from the wall, taking up less space so you can store more items. Installing a wall mounted toilet is no simple task though, so you will need the help of a plumber to get it done.

The toilet tank takes up a lot of space, putting it in the wall will open up your bathroom to more storage options.

Upgrade To Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Having custom bathroom cabinets designed to fit your bathroom will allow you to take advantage of all the space you have available. Premade bathroom cabinets from a normal bathroom cabinet store are one size fits all and tend to leave dead spaces around them. Hiring a designer to give you bathroom cabinet ideas will allow you to fully use your space.

While fully remodeling a bathroom to make it bigger may not be an option in some homes, designing custom bathroom cabinets will help you make the most of the space you have.

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