Minimalist Small Kitchen Remodeling – 5 Advantages You Should Know

When they say “less is more”, regarding kitchens, it is not only a phrase. Kitchens serve multiple purposes: cooking and storing food, it is also a place to enjoy meals with your loved ones or enjoy your own company. The last thing you want is this space to have unnecessary clutter.  Small minimalist kitchens work as a functional place without leaving the aesthetic element behind. 

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A minimalist small kitchen is much more than a simple room, it is a place where you can combine your aesthetic needs without leaving the functionality behind. It’s a way to optimize space while creating a clean and pleasing look. That is why we share these minimalist small kitchen ideas to give you the last push you need to start creating the kitchen of your dreams. 

Minimalist kitchens will always be in fashion

While many believe that minimalist kitchen design for small spaces is a recent trend, this kind of layout dates back to the 1930s and its aged like a fine wine. You would be surprised to hear that other elements you might think are more contemporary, like the handleless cabinets, have been in our modern minimalist small kitchens since the 1960s. The open space, the monochrome theme, the access to light, and the clean lines will never be out of fashion. It is safe to believe that this kind of composition will pass, with flying colors, the test of time.

Creating and optimizing space

Minimalist design has its roots in simplicity. The goal is to have clean lines, functional furniture, a lot of light, and only a few accent elements that create a more practical and efficient area. 

Small space minimalist kitchen design creates the illusion of a larger room by optimizing the space available and by casting creative storage solutions. In a small place, a small minimalist kitchen can be the answer to your design troubles. 

To really ascribe to a minimalistic kitchen vision, deciding what to show out in the open and what to conceal from view is an important decision. Hiding functional elements like refrigerators, ovens, and appliances like microwaves or toasters will make your space look bigger and give your room a cleaner image. 

Cabinets will always be a great ally in your quest to optimize your kitchen while keeping a light and clear view. The use of mechanisms to roll back doors can help you hide cooking areas, cupboards, and appliances behind full-height cabinet doors. 

Small minimalist kitchens are all about functionality

Having a beautiful, open and clean kitchen are not the only advantages that a minimalist design can bring you. This kind of layout puts order and cleanliness as a priority, giving everything in your kitchen a special place. Knowing exactly where everything belongs optimizes the time you spend in this room. 

Having special cabinets and shelves to stack the microwave and oven on top of each other, hiding the fridge behind a cabinet door, having a rack in the wall to hang your kitchen utensils, helps you maximize the use of a small space while helping you obtain a pristine look.

Minimalist design helps you say goodbye to the chaos of preparing a big meal for your family or friends, wondering where your utensils can be found or where you left the salt and pepper. In a minimalistic kitchen, there is a special place for every element you need and an easy way to find them. 

Another advantage? Cleaning-up time is reduced to a minimum. Materials used in minimalist kitchens like marble or ceramic are easy to clean so you will be done tidying up in no time!

The secret to a clean and open space is storage

If you are looking for the small minimalistic kitchen vibe, having a clean space is a must, but a kitchen is full of essential items that you can not get rid of, such as:

  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Cups
  • Utensils
  • Appliances

The way to achieve this clear view is storage. Breaking up the space into different areas will help with this ordeal. You can turn a wall in your kitchen to become floor to ceiling cabinets. 

A kitchen island is also a great solution to have access to different shelves while also functioning as a cooking and eating area. A combination of open and closed spaces will create a fluid and visually appealing style for your kitchen while giving you some storage room. 

Small minimalist kitchens come in many shapes and forms

If you think the only way you can achieve a minimalistic look is to have an all-white glossy kitchen, we are happy to tell you that you are mistaken. Having an open space full of light and free of clutter can be obtained in a variety of styles. 

For example, a small minimalist boho kitchen can be obtained by playing with the balance between clean lines, simple finish, and texture. Painting inside the cabinetry can give this necessary pop of color without breaking the clean look. 

Glass cabinets help you brighten up the space and reflect the light that comes through the window. The decor is also a great friend; a rug can add to the desired bohemian vibe. 

If you are more into combining modern and classic while keeping it minimalist, using metallic appliances and neutral color cabinets can give you a pleasing contrast. 

Consider luxury kitchen finishes

The primary objective of a minimalistic kitchen is to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. This can be achieved in many ways, one of them being luxury finishes. If you are looking for a focal point, in your otherwise clean and pristine kitchen, luxury finishes can be that striking element that will stand out in your design. 

Another way to create a beautiful space is to contrast texture. Mixing different surfaces will create depth and warmth. 

Minimalistic kitchens are a successful combination between design and function. The uncluttered space and the marriage between form and function will give you a beautiful style that will help you optimize your kitchen no matter the size of it. 

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