USA Cabinet Store did a fantastic job on my custom kitchen full scale remodel. Our kitchen came out amazing – beautiful and functional.

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Classic & Traditional Kitchen Design In MD, GA, TX & Northern VA

Classic kitchen styles with ornate cabinetry and natural materials never go out of fashion. Whether you prefer the warmth of wood cabinets or the cool sleekness of stone countertops, a traditional kitchen brings timeless beauty to homes in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey, Texas, Missouri or North Carolina. With meticulous trim details, graceful arcs, and craftsmanship honed through the centuries, these kitchens evoke eras when fine furnishings were made to last. 

Though rooted in the past, a well-designed traditional kitchen suits modern homes just as well. Our award-winning designers skillfully marry the best of old and new, creating spaces as functional as they are beautiful. We help homeowners across the region make the most of their remodeling budgets to transform existing kitchens into traditional showplaces reflecting their unique taste and style.

For traditional style with a touch of class, visit USA Cabinet Store’s kitchen photo collection or call us at (703) 436-6444 for beautiful, time-tested kitchen designs.

The Defining Traits of Timeless Kitchen Elegance

What classifies a kitchen as traditional or classic is the detailing and use of natural materials. Most surfaces and trim work feature intricate detailing and embellishments like fluting, columns, beadboard, or even a coffered ceiling. Classic or traditional kitchens are exceptionally popular in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey, Texas, Missouri or North Carolina and can be tweaked to fit any homeowner’s taste. Some characteristics of a traditional kitchen include:

  • Natural materials like hardwood and natural stone
  • Glass or open cabinetry and shelving
  • Crown molding
  • Antique or vintage elements
  • Neutral or muted tones
  • More texture and detailing in trim work
  • Intricate handles and knobs
  • Cabinets with recessed or raised panels
  • Rustic or old-world elements like solid, weathered hardwood

Traditional Kitchen Styles

Traditional kitchens encompass various aesthetics that embody timeless and classic design. Some popular styles include:

  • Old World Formal: Exudes luxury with features like cherry or mahogany wood cabinets, marble countertops, coffered ceilings, chandeliers, and ornate metal fixtures. Conveys grandeur with intricately carved details and moldings.
  • Farmhouse Casual: Epitomizes rustic yet functional with plenty of natural unfinished woods, distressed metals, and informal flows. Large deep sinks, expansive countertops, and sturdy appliances accommodate hearty home cooking for big families.
  • Country Cottage: Relaxed vintage charm with white cabinets, floral motifs, scalloped trim, and distressed porcelain or metal hardware. Well-worn furnishings and fixtures blended with cheerful cottage accents make for cozy and nostalgic spaces.

Create Your Dream Classic Kitchen with Custom Cabinets

A classic, timeless kitchen deserves custom cabinetry designed just for you. Our Maryland cabinetry experts help realize your vision, whether you seek traditional elegance or old-world charm.

We craft every detail to perfectly match your style, needs, and home. Custom cabinets prevent clutter, showcase special embellishments, and give your classic kitchen a personal touch your guests will admire.

With decades of experience transforming client ideas into stunning reality, our award-winning designers excel at interpreting your vision. We remain hands-on throughout the entire cabinetry process to ensure the final product exceeds expectations.

Whether renovating your traditional kitchen in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey, Texas, Missouri or North Carolina., trust us to make your dream classic kitchen a joyful reality for years to come. Contact our team today at (703) 436-6444 to start planning your beautiful custom cabinets.

A traditional or classic kitchen deserves elegant, custom cabinetry that reflects your unique style. When designing your custom cabinets, our team considers every detail – from the wood selection and hardware finishes to storage solutions and decorative accents. We craft each piece to perfectly fit your space while adding warmth and character.

With custom cabinets, you can achieve a seamless flow in your traditional kitchen, reduce clutter, and focus attention on special embellishments. As Maryland, Virginia, and NC’s premier custom cabinet maker, we expertly translate your vision into reality. Throughout the remodeling or renovation process, our designers remain hands-on to actualize your dream kitchen down to the finest details.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Timeless Kitchen Remodel

Visit our showroom to explore our collection of timeless kitchen designs. From traditional to classic styles, our experts will guide you in selecting your perfect custom look.

When you’re ready to bring your dream kitchen to life, schedule a design consultation. Whether you’re located in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey, Texas, Missouri or North Carolina, our award-winning team is ready to create the traditional or classic kitchen of your dreams.

With years of experience transforming kitchens across the region, we will seamlessly handle every detail – from layout and cabinets to countertops and hardware. The result will be a beautiful, functional space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Contact us today at (703) 436-6444 to schedule your no-obligation design consultation. Let’s start planning your stunning, classic kitchen remodel!

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From start to finish (design to kitchen remodel completion) Miyuki, Tarik, Eric & the construction team paid attention to every detail. They completed the project on target and communicates with us every step of the way. We absolutely love our new kitchen and found the experience so smooth with USA Cabinet Store. Thank you team!


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