Kitchen Remodeling Permits In Virginia Beach, VA

Remodeling your kitchen can be an exciting project that adds value to your Virginia Beach home. But before starting any work, it’s important to understand if you need permits for the planned updates. Getting the proper kitchen remodeling permits in Virginia Beach VA protects you and ensures your kitchen remodel meets local safety codes and regulations.

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Kitchen Remodel Projects That Requires Permit

According to HomeAdvisor‘s remodeling guidance, you need a permit for most structural changes, including removing walls, adding walls, extending your roof, or renovating a kitchen, bathroom, or basement.

While minor cosmetic upgrades can often be done without permits, many impactful kitchen remodels will require approval from the city. Here are some examples of common kitchen projects that typically need permits in Virginia Beach:

Structural Changes

  • Knocking down walls to open up floor plan
  • Expanding footprint by bumping out exterior walls
  • Modifying windows, doors, or framing
  • Raising the ceiling height
  • Adding an island or peninsula with structural support
  • Reinforcing floors to accommodate heavier appliances or cabinetry

Structural permits ensure any fundamental changes to your home’s bones are done safely and will withstand decades of use.

Plumbing Changes

Angi states that most areas require homeowners to get permits when plumbing and electrical systems are being upgraded or altered in some way. This applies to major kitchen and bath remodels impacting those systems.

  • Moving sink, appliances, or plumbing lines
  • Adding new plumbing for extra sinks or appliances like instant hot water taps
  • Upgrading to a larger capacity waste pipe system
  • Expanding water supply lines and shut-off valves

Plumbing permits help guarantee appropriate materials, venting, and drainage in water supply and waste lines.

Electrical Changes

  • Increasing electrical panel amperage
  • Adding circuits to support more lighting, appliances
  • Hardwiring new appliances instead of plug-in
  • Adding outlets, switches, or under-cabinet lighting
  • Installing low-voltage accent lighting

Electrical permits verify sufficient power and safe wiring for all new kitchen electric devices and systems.

How Do You Get a Kitchen Remodel Permit?

If your Virginia Beach kitchen remodel project involves structural changes, modifying electrical or plumbing systems, or other major renovations, permits are probably required. Here are the main steps to get permits for your kitchen remodel:

Step 1: Determine What Permits You Need

Detailed permit requirements can vary by city and project scope. But some typical kitchen remodels needing permits include:

  • Structural changes: removing walls, expanding the room’s footprint
  • Plumbing changes: moving sinks or appliances, adding new plumbing for an island or appliances
  • Electrical changes: upgrading the electrical panel, running new wiring for lights and appliances
  • HVAC changes: moving, upgrading, or adding HVAC components like ductwork

Consult Virginia Beach’s helpful permit guidelines to determine which permits apply to your kitchen remodel plans.

Step 2: Complete Permit Application Forms

Virginia Beach has made getting construction permits convenient by providing most applications online. You can access and submit the necessary form for your kitchen remodel permit type through the ePermits portal.

The application asks for key details like home address, the scope of your project, estimated costs, and who the work will be completed by. Filling this out accurately ensures you get approved for the right permits.

Step 3: Pay Permit Fees

Permit fees are based on the size and details of your remodel project. Expect costs for a medium-sized kitchen remodel with structural, electrical, and plumbing work to range from $200-$500 in Virginia Beach.

You can calculate the specific permit costs for your kitchen using the city’s fee estimator tool before paying online through ePermits.

Once submitted and paid for, your kitchen remodel permit application enters the review process by city inspectors. This typically takes 2-4 weeks. You cannot begin any work until the permits are reviewed and approved.

Kitchen Remodel Permit Tips

Follow these tips for smooth sailing through the kitchen remodel permitting process:

  • Apply early: Give yourself 6-8 weeks before your target remodel start date to allow plenty of margin for processing permit applications. Rushed applications can cause delays or mistakes.
  • Be thorough: Accurately measure your kitchen and detail all planned work so permits cover everything. Undisclosed work can still require permits and inspections later, costing you time and money.
  • Consider combined permits: A building permit bundle costs less than multiple individual permits for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work.
  • Keep permits on site: Approved permits must be kept on location throughout the remodeling project until final inspections are passed.

Final Thoughts

Understanding Virginia Beach kitchen remodel permitting requirements takes some upfront effort. But that work pays off exponentially when it clears the path for a smooth, problem-free renovation that stays on schedule and within budget. Don’t let permitting details deter you from getting the gorgeous, functional kitchen you desire. Lean on resources like knowledgeable contractor partners and the helpful Virginia Beach permitting office staff to navigate any permitting questions.


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