Kitchen Remodeling Designs That Make A Statement

If you are thinking about kitchen remodeling designs that make a statement, you might be having a hard time weeding through all the ideas out there. When it comes to kitchen remodeling design ideas you have to really look inside yourself and find what makes you feel satisfied.

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There are tons of kitchen remodeling designs photos out there to give you some inspiration, and you can learn a lot from others successes and failures. In the end, your kitchen remodeling ideas and designs need to appeal to you for decades to come.

To help you get the best designs for kitchen remodeling, our experts will share their favorite ideas that make a statement. These remodeling kitchen designs will help you narrow your focus and find the one that will make your home feel complete.

Kitchen Remodeling Modern Designs

Creating a modern kitchen is one of the top ways many homeowners want to use their remodel. In a modern remodeled kitchen, the key is the open spaces, light colors, and having a seamless and uncluttered appearance.

Simple looking kitchen cabinets, such as flat panels, are a popular choice for modern kitchen designs because they have an undistracting appearance. This helps your modern design feel clean and solid so that you can put the focus on the openness of the kitchen.

Many people in the kitchen remodeling design world are choosing to mix white paint with wooden finishes. The warming colors of natural wood help to make a modern kitchen feel more cozy and comfortable, but you might not like that idea.

Mirror Islands For A Statement Kitchen Design

Having a kitchen island in your home can add a lot of new features and abilities into your kitchen. It has a certain flexibility that can turn your kitchen into the perfect space for creating delicious meals, or entertaining the most interesting company.

Making your kitchen island with a base of mirrors adds a lot of pizazz to this design feature that will make your guests feel amazed. The island countertops should be planned out well, with white marble being a top material for this style choice.

The mirrors in the base of your island will make your kitchen remodeling designs come that much more into focus. The reflections help to make the space feel bigger, and details can be amplified with this unique finish.

Tiled Accent Walls Kitchen Remodeling Designs

If you are looking to have a statement wall, using tile to do so is an elegant solution that makes sense in your kitchen. Tiles help to protect your home from all the messes that kitchens create, like spilled boiling water, steam, smoke and grease.

You can choose one wall of your kitchen for the tiled accent wall, then you need to pick out a color, pattern, or both to make it really pop. A solid color tiled wall will give you more of an unified feeling, while going with multi-colored tile might make for a more creative look.

There are also companies that will help you to design your own tile pattern so that you can have exactly the accent wall you want. Some of the amazing tiles we have seen created include:

  • Mosaic tiles that tell a story
  • Color changing tiles that take on shades depending on the light source and the viewers angle.
  • Contrast tiles that balance out the other main color of the kitchen.

Slab Wood Countertops

A stunning feature you can add to your kitchen remodeling designs is a countertop made from a tree slab. This means the entire countertop comes from a single log cut to the correct thickness.

You could choose a local species of tree that provides you with the look you want for your kitchen. It might help to go out to the countryside and find a saw mill operator who can create a custom countertop for your home.

A wooden countertop will help to add a cozy glow to your space that will leave you feeling satisfied. This is a wonderful addition to many designs, and you might want to play around with some different complementary materials around your centerpiece countertop.

More and Bigger Windows

There is nothing like a flood of natural light to make you feel happier in your kitchen. You can get that by adding more windows, or enlarging the ones you already have.

Another option for getting more natural light into your kitchen is with skylights or solar tubes. Skylights are amazing to have in a kitchen, and will make getting up in the morning much easier with the added vitamin D.

One other choice you could make would be to switch a solid door with a glass door in your kitchen. This will let even more sunlight in for you to enjoy.

Walk-Beneath Bar For Kitchen Remodeling Designs

A walk-beneath bar is sort of like having a bridge that connects your main countertop with your kitchen island. Or you could just have legs on one side of the bar, with clear space you could limbo underneath.

This might have a floating bar appearance that can really make a statement in your kitchen remodeling design. This feature adds some intrigue and will be useful for many years of entertaining guests in an elegant, sophisticated space.

Dark Walls With Bright Cabinets

We have been seeing a rise in the popularity of darker colored kitchens, like smoke gray or navy blue. This creates a great backdrop for bright colored kitchen cabinets to be a show stopping design element.

Use bright yellow, orange or deep candy red to make your kitchen feel like an amazing and personalized space. Acrylic is a great cabinet material for these applications that adds great color with an unbreakable nature.

Metal Range Hood

Having a range hood made from a beautiful metal like stainless steel, copper or brass can add some serious bonafides to your kitchen design. These metals have a solid and earthy feeling that will make your kitchen feel like it belongs to a five star chef.

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