Kitchen Island Styles and Ideas

When you’re looking to update your kitchen, a kitchen island is a good solution to many problems.Whether you need more storage, more seating, or more counter space, a kitchen island is an easy way to get what you need. 

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Let’s look at some of the available features and talk about how to choose the perfect island for your kitchen.

  • Islands come in a wide range of configurations. An island can have multiple levels, or an extension to fit in some seating. Some have appliances integrated into their design, or feature a prep sink. There are large, imposing islands, but there are also small, wheeled models that offer flexibility. An island can even be created from a repurposed dresser or table.
  • Even seating is not all that straightforward. Do you prefer barstools that tuck neatly away, or do you want the back of your island to be the basis for banquette seating? Is your island seating the spotlight feature, or should it subtly blend into the background?
  • Clever storage ideas abound. Some islands have standard cabinets or bookshelves, but others feature creative storage solutions. A hidden recycling center is one example, and roll-out drawers are another. When you use drawers for storage, you reduce your wasted space.
  • You can make room for every family member. Think about who uses the kitchen and how they need it to function. If phones charge in your kitchen at night, or your kids sit with their devices to do homework while you prepare meals, electricity in the island is a great investment. If you’ve got pets, your island can include space that integrates pet food bowls.
  • Your island needs to function well for you. If no one is going to sit in the kitchen, an island with bar stools won’t work for you in any meaningful way. If your space is cramped, a huge island would be a mistake. Make sure that when you’re shopping, you’re keeping the needs of your kitchen and your family in mind, rather than picking something for a fantasy kitchen.
  • Make sure the island matches your style. Aside from function, islands have a variety of looks. Do you prefer bold, contrasting colors, or an island that blends seamlessly into the existing color scheme? Do you like the warmth of wood or the elegance of marble? Take your time and find the look that works for you.

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