Draw Attention

Kitchen Focal Point Design Ideas

The focal point of a kitchen is the area that draw attention when they first walk in the kitchen. It should make you smile because it is even better in reality than your dream.

The focal point can be your counter top surface, a decorative ventilation hood, accents on your back splash or a unique cabinet finish or counter top surface. The focal point of the kitchen will vary depending on your style.

Kitchen Focal Point Design Ideas

We have 8 kitchen design ideas to create a kitchen focal point:

Decorative Mantel Hoods

Tile Backsplashes

Decorative Countertop Edges

Furniture Style Kitchen Islands or Kitchen Islands with contrasting finishes (or both!)

Decorative Glass Doors

Bumped out, bumped out wall or base cabinets

Ventilation Equipment

Lighting and Moldings

The focal point should draw attention of you and your guests from the kitchen design ideas.

So what should be the focal point for the kitchen? Our kitchen designer have great ideas based on your kitchen and can provide details based on the space to be highlighted. Our collaborative approach will identify kitchen design ideas that can narrow the focal point that is best for your space.


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