6 Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Consider for Your Next Remodel

Kitchen cabinet styles play one of the most critical roles in determining the overall theme of the kitchen’s design. Though they can be little noticed, often making up the background of the space, kitchen cabinet styles should be chosen with the utmost care to make sure you will be happy with the appearance of your kitchen for the decades to come.

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Before you choose the style of your kitchen cabinets, it is a really good idea to get to know the latest kitchen cabinet styles available, imagining how each one could be a part of your kitchen design goals. Getting familiar with different kitchen cabinetry styles will make it a lot more likely that you will choose kitchen cabinets that you will really love for a long time.

In this article we will present to you a basic summary of the six modern kitchen cabinet styles that are the best to choose from with some of the pros and cons of each one. You can use this information so that instead of just choosing the most popular kitchen cabinet style that may not be right for your kitchen design, you can have a good idea of all the kitchen cabinets available and make an informed decision about your kitchen cabinet styles.

Cabinet Styles Kitchen : Shaker 

One of the most timeless kitchen cabinet styles is shaker. The doors of shaker kitchen cabinets consist of five pieces, two vertical pieces called stiles, two horizontal pieces called rails, and the middle section which is recessed. The stiles and rails look like a picture frame around the recessed middle.

Shaker kitchen cabinets are considered the most versatile of all the cabinet styles. They really can fit into any design motif, with their sharp lines that can look minimalist or can give a nice texture depending on what you need them to do.

Being that they are one of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles, shaker kitchen cabinets are easy to find and affordable. You can paint them any color or leave them with a natural wood finish. 

The drawbacks of shaker cabinets is that you might find them too common if you are going for a bold statement with your kitchen cabinets, and the flat surfaces on the rails can attract a lot of dust and will need to be cleaned more often than you may like. 

Cabinet Styles Kitchen : Flat

Also known as slab, flat front cabinets use a single piece of wood with no decorations for the cabinet doors. They can be left with no knobs or pulls to make them truly minimal, or dolled up a bit with some interesting hardware.

Flat kitchen cabinets may be the best of the cabinet styles for a modern looking kitchen. They can be easily finished with paint or a clear finish to show off the natural wood.

One of the great assets of flat kitchen cabinets is that they are super easy to clean with minimal horizontal surfaces for dust to be trapped on. They work very well as a background if you want to draw more attention to another design element in your kitchen like the countertops or the sink.

The thing that people sometimes don’t like about flat cabinets is that they can be too barren, they just don’t provide much for the eye to wonder about. You can help this by choosing a beautiful wood for the doors and giving them a clear finish so that you can admire the natural wood grain patterns.

Cabinet Styles Kitchen : Glass Front

For a glass front cabinet, the center panel is made from a piece of glass. Out of all the kitchen cabinet styles, glass front cabinets are seen as one of the most elegant looking, seeming fancy and impressive to anyone who sees them.

The reflectiveness of a glass front kitchen cabinet along with being able to see to the back of the cabinet can help make a space seem bigger. When you have glass front cabinets, it always seems that you are showing off something special on the inside.

Having the fronts be see-through can be a disaster if the dishes inside the cabinets are not well organized or not worth showing off. If you are someone that does not bother to organize the inside of your kitchen cabinets, you might want to consider a different cabinet style.

Designers and homeowners have found a lot of success mixing in some glass front cabinets with other cabinet doors, then keeping the glass front cabinets basically just as display cabinets with some fine china or decorations inside.

Cabinet Styles Kitchen : Open Shelving

To help achieve a more open concept in their kitchen designs, people have been using open shelving to get the storage they need without closing off a part of their kitchen or imposing on the field of vision. This style is usually incorporated with one of the other kitchen cabinet styles.

The downside of open shelving is that it does not protect your dishes or whatever you might want to store from dust or insects that lurk in the open air. Open shelving is best employed to hold frequently used dishes and pantry goods. 

Cabinet Styles Kitchen : Beadboard

For a bit of a country feeling with a Scandinavian touch, beadboard cabinets are the best choice. Beadboard is a wood product with grooves in it, seeming like multiple slats of wood joined together. 

The lines of the beadboard give a good texture for the eyes to look at which can add some interest to a kitchen. It can be difficult to keep the inside of the grooves in beadboard clean, which can be helped by painting them some color besides white.

Cabinet Styles Kitchen : Frameless

A trend that started in Europe and looks very contemporary is frameless kitchen cabinets. The doors of frameless cabinets attach directly onto the cabinet box with hinges inside the cabinet. A benefit of not needing a frame for the cabinet doors to attach to is that you get a bit more space inside of the cabinets for storage, so if you have a tiny kitchen, frameless kitchen cabinets could be the best style.

You can use any door style you like with frameless cabinets, and they will have a more contemporary look.

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