8 Tips When Doing Your Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

The four elements, water, earth, fire, and air, are found working together in the kitchen and the bathroom of the home, and you want these spaces to be beautiful as well as functional for yourself, your family, and any guests. If you are not happy with your bathroom and kitchen, it is a good idea to undertake a kitchen and bathroom renovation to get these important parts of your home looking and functioning the way that you want.

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Kitchen and bath remodeling is a huge project and it should not be started without careful thought and planning. One of the best ways to get started is by finding the right kitchen and bath contractor to help you start your endeavor. To help you in getting started, we have put together this guide with eight helpful tips:

Remodel your Kitchen and Bathroom

1. Light Colored Tiles – In an environment with a lot of moisture, tiles make sense because they completely block any water from getting to the framing of the house. Tiles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but when it comes to the kitchen and bath it is intelligent to choose light shades, preferably white or light grey.

While these colors may seem boring and traditional, they just add a clean feeling that is necessary for the kitchen and bath. They also add a feeling that the room is bigger than it actually is, which is especially important in the bathroom. White tiles also add a certain sensation of grandeur which makes the space look important and sophisticated.

White or light-colored tiles look clean and are easy to clean, which is very important in two of the dirtiest places in the home. You can safely use lots of water and cleaning products to clean them and make sure that your space is safe.

2. Faucets – The faucet really becomes the focal point of the kitchen and bath. It is where the water comes from and it is where eyeballs will look when they enter. You need a faucet that looks clean and beautiful to instill confidence that your kitchen or bath is a safe place to get a drink and wash hands.

Faucets are really fun to choose from because they come in so many colors and designs. You can think of your faucet like a fountain, where you want to have a beautiful piece that will play an important role in your life. They can also be affordable, with kitchen faucets starting around $80 and bathroom faucets starting around $50.

You want to choose faucets that match the theme of the rest of the house. Choose a finish that blends well with the other colors in the room. Very popular colors now are oil-rubbed bronze and chrome.

3. Long-Lasting Materials – Choose natural materials that will last a long time. The kitchen and bath will see a lot of use, and you don’t want to have to remodel it again in ten years because all the materials have worn out.

Durable materials can cost more, but they look better and will last longer, making them more cost-effective. Real stone or quartz countertops look incredible and will stand up to any abuse you can throw at them.

A bronze faucet is like a work of art that will not only stand the test of time, the copper and other metals in the bronze have antibacterial properties to keep yourkitchen and bathsafe from germs.

For cabinets and trims, go with solid wood, as nothing else will look as good or last as long. Whether you are fishing clear or painting the trim, solid wood is a great choice.

4. Think About Texture – If a kitchen or bath uses too much smooth and square design elements, it can look a bit dead. Consider using rounded edges and clear finished wood. These elements can add a liveliness that will warm up space.

Live edge tables or bars are hugely popular these days because they add a lot of earthy, grounded feeling to a kitchen. If your kitchen and bath do not have some sort of texture variations, they can feel too sterile and cold. That look can be good in a dentist’s office, but in the home, you want more comfort and warmth.

5. Lighting – In the kitchen and bath, the lighting is critical because you need to see what you are doing while cooking or applying makeup. You can coordinate the style and materials of your lighting to match other hardware in the rooms.

You want to have a coordinated blend of overhead lighting and wall sconces so that you are getting light from different directions to illuminate different areas. It is nice to have warm lighting, but it also needs to be bright enough to work by.

6. Think of Essentials – While you want to add a lot of beautiful features during your kitchen and bath renovation it is important to stay focused on what you really need to do in the spaces. While a new cabinet might be beautiful, you must know and understand more before buying kitchen cabinets and you need to think of if you really need it and if it might actually get in the way later on.

It is good to only put what you really need into your kitchen and bath, they can start to feel crowded and they won’t be as nice to be in. Try to keep things simple but get exactly what you need out of the space.

7. Use Your Style – Do not just let your interior designer or architect come up with all of the ideas. Get a strong sense of how you want your kitchen and bath to look before you go into planning sessions. Find pictures online, in magazines and take pictures of them yourself of kitchens and bathrooms you see that you like in real life.

If you use more of your style to remodel, you will feel happier and want to spend more time in your kitchen and bathroom. You are the only one who knows what you like, and you need to make sure that your kitchen and bath have your individual style.

8. Shop Used – Just about every city has a building salvage store and there you can find so many treasures that will make your bathroom and kitchen look amazing, will save you money and are good for the planet. Before you plan your kitchen and bath, head to a used building materials store and see what types of inspiration you can draw.

Used building materials are often just as good, if not better than new ones and they can add a unique touch to your project that will make people go “wow.”

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