How To Remodel Your Bathroom In One Week or Less

Doing a one week bathroom remodel is a possibility if you put in the effort and have the skills and tools to get it done. A quick bathroom remodel means less time without a bathroom and less time with the noise and inconvenience of a construction project.

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You, like many others, might have the dream of doing a bathroom renovation to make your home more comfortable and beautiful. That is why a one week bathroom remodel project is such an attractive goal for you and others like you.

The best way to do a  one-week bathroom makeover is to leave it to the pros and hire experienced quick bathroom remodel contractors. Our team has done many fast bathroom remodeling projects over the years, and in this article we will share our best tips.

How To Remodel A Bathroom In One Week Or Less

One of the big keys to getting a quick bathroom remodel done is to have all of the supplies ordered and ready to go when you start working. This takes incredible planning, but you can do it if you know exactly what you need and have the ability to buy it all. 

You have to be sure that all of the materials you want to install are available, so you should check with vendors before you start construction to make sure they have everything in stock. Some items could take months to order, which is obviously a bit longer than one week.

The next biggest key is that you have the tools you need to do a quick bathroom remodel, because many tools make your work go faster. If you rely on making your project work without the proper tools, it can take much longer than one week to remodel a bathroom.

Demolition Needs To Be Quick

Demolition is one of the easiest parts of remodeling a bathroom that anyone can do on their own with basic tools. You may want to consider having a construction dumpster brought to your house so you can quickly dispose of everything you want to throw away from your bathroom.

You also want to plan out what you are saving from your old bathroom so that you can be careful to protect those items during demolition. The more items you save, the lower your costs will be and the faster it will be to finish your one week bathroom remodel. But also the more that you save, the less your bathroom remodel will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Demolition should only take one day or even half of a day depending on the size of your bathroom. But you do need to be cautious not to cause extra damage like breaking a water pipe or some electrical wires that will take a long time to fix and could delay your project significantly.

Consider A Prefabricated Shower Stall

Prefabricated shower stalls are the fastest way to install a shower in your quick bathroom remodel. They come in several different sizes and configurations to fit your needs and your space. 

Prefabricated shower stalls are made from fiberglass or plastic and last a very long time considering how much time and money they save you. They may not be the most glamorous option you can find at a shower and bath store, but they get the job done and don’t take more than a day to install.

A tiled shower takes much more time than a prefabricated shower stall. Installing quickset mortar, laying tiles, cutting tiles, installing grout and sealing the grout takes a lot of skill and time to do correctly. You also need to consider drying time which means it can take more than a week.

Paint The Walls For A Quick Rejuvenation

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your bathroom is one of the fastest and most effective ways of making your bathroom feel like a new room. A fresh coat of paint will brighten up your bathroom and make it feel more clean and better for bathing.

Paint is an economical option for updating a bathroom and it is something that anyone can do with enough effort and patience. You should choose a glossy paint because it will stand up better to the moisture that is inevitable in a bathroom.

Lighter colors usually work better in a bathroom because they reflect more light so that it is easier to see in your bathroom. This will also help a smaller bathroom feel just a bit bigger than it is and you can feel more relaxed in your space while grooming and taking care of business. 

Pedestal Sinks Save Time And Space

If you want to add some elegance to your bathroom and have a quick installation, a pedestal sink is an incredible option for you. They are easy to install, so it doesn’t take much more than a couple of hours and you free up time to work on other details.

Installing a vanity can take a lot more time than a pedestal sink because you may have to construct the vanity yourself as well as mount it to the wall. Then there is the plumbing which requires some time to hook up with a vanity.

In a smaller bathroom a pedestal sink won’t take up as much space as a vanity does. This can really help in a tiny bathroom, but you also must consider that a pedestal sink offers very little in the way of storage for those bathroom essentials and cleaning supplies.

Hire An Experienced Quick Bathroom Remodel Team

Any experienced contractor should be able to complete a regular sized bathroom remodel in about one week. They have all of the tools and experience to do the job a lot better than you can and you will possibly pay less.

Contractors get deals on bathroom materials and specialized labor that is not available to a homeowner, so they can lower their prices for you. Working on your own for a one week bathroom remodel could easily end in a serious mistake which would cost you a lot of money.

Leaving your bathroom remodel up to the pros is a way to guarantee a quick bathroom remodel that looks amazing. You will enjoy your bathroom a lot more if you leave it to an experienced contractor.

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