How To Make A Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

If you are doing a small kitchen remodel, one of your top goals is probably to find some small kitchen remodel ideas that will help it feel bigger. A challenge that small kitchen designers everywhere face is maximizing the space they have and creating an uber functional kitchen.

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Something you can do right away to make your small kitchen remodeling project a success is to look at it as a chance to use your problem solving and creativity skills. It never helps if you start to feel overwhelmed with a small kitchen renovation.

To help you make your small kitchen seem bigger, we are sharing our expert small kitchen remodel tips in this article. You can use this advice while you remodel a small kitchen to make the most of what you have and your project will turn out incredible.

The Work Triangle Tiny Kitchen Remodel

The greatest thing you can remember during small kitchen remodels is that less is almost always more, so keep it simple and stick to the basics. The work triangle is a big concept to keep in mind, which is the flow area between the fridge, the sink and the counters.

In a small kitchen remodel it is vital to make your work triangle as efficient as possible so that cooking and cleaning in your kitchen will be easy. When you create a free flowing work triangle, you are much less likely to feel cramped or crowded in your small kitchen.

You want to keep your work triangle compact so that you can do all of your cooking without wasting too much time walking from place to place. While it needs to be compact, there also has to be sufficient space that each section doesn’t intrude on the others.

Small White Kitchens

White kitchens are a popular modern kitchen design, and luckily that is a perfect color to make a small kitchen so that it will feel bigger. White reflects more light, so a smaller kitchen feels brighter and at the same time the space seems larger.

There are so many amazing kitchen designs you can do with a white small kitchen that you will have no problems making this style a hit. Everything looks better in a white kitchen, so it is a great starting point to getting your small kitchen remodel goals accomplished.

If an all white kitchen seems like too much, you can certainly add in contrasting colors or complementary ones. Black is a great pairing for a white kitchen, and can act as a dividing line if you do a black counter, or you can mix in some black tiles, or even a matte black faucet.

Open Shelving In Small Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen cabinets are normally a necessity for your kitchen storage, but they can appear very bulky in a small kitchen. For small kitchen remodeling projects, you might consider replacing some full cabinets with some open shelves.

Open shelves have much less visual impact than full kitchen cabinets, so there is a more open feeling in a small kitchen. The shelves can hold just as much as cabinets in many cases, but simply don’t intrude into your visual field the way that full cabinets do.

You can also use your open shelves to show off some of your decorating skills and you can change up the decorations as often as you want. This helps your small kitchen feel fresh and you don’t get bored of looking at the same small space day in and day out.

Kitchen Island On Wheels

If your small kitchen remodel is in search of a way to add storage space or some extra counter space for chopping and kneading, an island that you can move around could be a life saver. You can move your kitchen island anywhere that it is out of the way, there could be a space in your kitchen, or it could be in an adjoining room.

You can pull your kitchen island into position whenever you need it and it will come in handy on so many occasions like during large dinners. You can also store some of your kitchen island in your movable kitchen island so they are always available.

You can speak to your kitchen design team about building a custom wheeled kitchen island, or there are several models that are available from stores. You can choose from many different tops and cabinets designs to fit your small kitchen remodel dreams.

Avoid Mosaic Backsplashes

You might think that having smaller tiles for your backsplash could make your tiny kitchen seem larger, but the truth is actually the opposite. Small tiles with lots of lines are sometimes too busy in a small kitchen, and end up making the limited space too chaotic for the eyes.

If you want to help your small kitchen feel bigger, use bigger tiles or go for a solid backsplash that doesn’t make the eyes work too hard. The less chaos you have in your small kitchen, the easier it is to look at and process so it feels bigger.

There are many other backsplashes to choose from, so just go ahead and avoid any of the smaller tile mosaic backsplashes. Even subway tiles, which are all the rage right now, could make too many lines and take away from your efforts to enlarge your small kitchen.

Mini Appliances

You don’t want to crowd your small kitchen with some extra large refrigerators and dishwashers. There are many smaller or miniature versions of appliances that get the job done without taking up a huge amount of space.

Look for European brands because they are the masters of style and fitting more into a smaller space. You can find a cool kitchen appliance that doesn’t look like anything in any of your neighbors houses.

Half size dishwashers are pretty handy machines, that is, if you need a dishwasher at all. Deciding to hand wash dishes in a small kitchen could be your only choice if you want to have the storage space for everything you need.

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