Everything About Kitchen Cabinets – Your Ultimate Buying Guide

One part of your home that you can easily underestimate is your kitchen cabinet set. Many homeowners don’t think about their cabinets until they start the kitchen cabinet buying experience.

It is good to get familiar with your kitchen cabinet options before buying a kitchen storage cabinet so that you can make the best choice. Kitchen cabinet planning and buying takes a bit of effort, but it pays off when you get amazing cabinets in your home.

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In this kitchen cabinet buying guide, our experts will share the insider information you need to make an informed choice about your cabinets. Reading this will give you a big advantage when choosing the best kitchen storage cabinet for your home.

The Three Main Types Of Kitchen Cabinet

One of the first lessons in choosing the right kitchen cabinet is that they come in three main types. Knowing which of the three types will get you headed in the right direction in picking the best kitchen cabinet set for your home.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Stock kitchen cabinets are one size fits all kitchen cabinets which you don’t have many options for the look or size of. The advantage of stock kitchen cabinets is that if you find ones you love, they are cheaper than other more customizable kitchen cabinet sets.

The drawback of stock cabinets is that if you have an odd shaped kitchen or need specific size cabinets, there is no way to make changes to suit your needs. Stock cabinets come in many styles and qualities so you can find a kitchen cabinet set to fit your design goals.

Semi- Custom Kitchen Cabinets

This type of kitchen cabinet has many more style options and limited size options compared with stock cabinets that don’t offer those choices. This gives you more flexibility in how your kitchen cabinet set appears and what you can fit in it.

Semi- custom kitchen cabinets are a great middle ground for those who want a little more choice, but don’t need fully custom kitchen cabinets. This type of cabinet gives you plenty of options, without the full price tag of a more custom kitchen cabinet set.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

With a custom kitchen cabinet set you work with a cabinet maker to create cabinets that fit your kitchen and your aesthetics exactly. With custom cabinets, you get everything you want, whether it’s a corner kitchen cabinet, or even special kitchen cabinet organizers, the cabinet maker can do it for you.

Custom kitchen cabinets are considered a work of fine furniture, and they come with a larger price tag than the other two types of cabinets. If you have a unique kitchen layout, or have strong design wishes, a custom kitchen cabinet set is the way to go.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors Carry A Lot Of Weight

The most noticeable part of a kitchen cabinet set is the cabinet doors. There are many different cabinet doors that can help you complete your kitchen design goals.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

These are a classic style that you can find in many homes across the USA. They have a framed look, with two styles and rails surrounding a recessed center panel.

Shaker cabinets look good in almost any kitchen design with the right finish and hardware. They look good painted or varnished, so you can choose which is best for your personality.

Flat Panel Cabinets

These kitchen cabinet doors are a flat piece of material with no designs or shapes on them. This type of cabinet door goes well in modern or minimalist kitchens.

You can choose to put hardware that adds some texture to these doors, or leave them flat and unobtrusive. Flat panels can be painted, or varnished to suit your kitchen design goals.

Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

For this type of kitchen cabinet door, the center panel is raised from the outside frame of the door. It usually has lines called beading that are recessed.

You can choose different types of beading to give your kitchen cabinet a different look. Beadboard cabinets have multiple lines that make the cabinet door look like different boards put together. This adds a nice texture to your kitchen if you need that for your design.

Cathedral Cabinet Doors

This style of kitchen cabinet door has an arch at the top of the center panel. You might also hear these kitchen cabinet doors referred to as arch style.

Cathedral cabinet doors look great for a traditional or formal style kitchen design. They look especially good varnished to show off the beauty of the natural wood they are made from.

Glass Front Cabinet Doors

This type of kitchen cabinet door is mostly chosen for displaying fine dishware and can even be lighted from the inside for better viewing. No matter how many glass panels cabinet doors you want, they bring a certain elegance to your kitchen.

This type of cabinet door might be more expensive than solid cabinet doors. You also need to consider that you will need extra kitchen cabinet organization skills to keep your kitchen looking nice.

Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The hardware on your kitchen cabinets actually makes a subtle, yet big impression on the rest of the kitchen. You can choose from an assortment of hardware styles and finishes for your handles and hinges.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Pulls

Door pulls are long and thin pieces of metal that you can put your hand through to get a grip and open a cabinet door. They give you a good grip for either doors or drawers.

Cabinet pulls are often associated with modern design, but their sleek profile goes well in any kitchen. You can choose a color to blend with your kitchen cabinets, or contrast and stand out in the space.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Knobs

This type of cabinet door opener is one of the most common. They have a round profile in their standard form. 

Kitchen cabinet knobs can be found in many different materials to get the look you want in your kitchen. Many people choose metal knobs, but you can search for alternate materials like wood or ceramic for a unique look.

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