Customizing Your Dream Walk-In Shower: Layouts, Shapes, Sizes & More

Have you ever envied those luxurious walk-in showers you see in magazines or high-end hotels? With their spaciousness and sleek, modern design, they can make a bathroom feel like a relaxing spa retreat. The good news is you don’t need an unlimited renovation budget or palatial primary bathroom space to enjoy the benefits of a walk-in shower. With some smart planning and customization, you can create your dream walk-in shower.

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The Appeal of Walk-In Showers

According to home building site Houzz, the average size for a walk-in shower is 36-49 square feet, with ultra-luxe models going up to 100+ square feet.

Compared to cramped shower/tub combos, standard shower stalls, or even shower curtains, walk-in showers offer some nice perks:

  • More elbow room to lather up and rinse off
  • Keep the rest of the bathroom dry by containing water spray
  • Contemporary, clean look for modern bathroom style
  • Doorless access or glass doors/panels maintain an airy, open aesthetic
  • Customize with your choice of layout, size, materials, and more

That spaciousness and freedom of movement make a walk-in shower appealing for both utility and comfort. The clean, uncluttered style also achieves a spa-like vibe.

If your primary bathroom or primary bath is due for a makeover, incorporating a walk-in shower is one design idea that can completely transform the space and function of the entire bathroom.

Shapes and Sizes for Walk-In Showers

One of the best aspects of installing a customized walk-in shower is tailoring the size and shape to work best for your bathroom’s dimensions and layout. Some options to consider:

  • Standard rectangles and squares: The most basic shape for walk-in shower designs. Allows for easy installation, especially if placed in a corner.
  • Full-wall width for small bathrooms: Makes use of limited floor space and opens up the room.
  • Curved and angular designs: Break up hard corners to add modern or contemporary flair.
  • Extra-large for open floor plans: Create a wow factor focal point with an oversized walk-in shower as a divider between the toilet/sink area.

Measure carefully to determine what walk-in shower dimensions allow ample space without dominating your entire bathroom. Mapping out sizes on graph paper is helpful before installing.

As far as walk-in shower ideas – go as big as your budget and bathroom layout permits for the utmost luxury factor.

Customize Your Walk-In Shower Interior

Now comes the fun part – choosing finishes, accessories, and high-end fixtures to customize your walk-in shower interior:

Waterproof Flooring

  • Tile: From basic white subway tiles to intricate patterns or stone tiles, waterproof ceramic/porcelain tile locks together for a seamless look.
  • Glass tile: Adds unique visual interest on walls or floors for a glamorous effect.
  • Quartz: Made from crushed quartz, this durable non-porous flooring looks upscale.

Shower Wall Options

  • Glass block: Let light shine through artfully placed blocks on one wall.
  • Textured tile: Contrast smooth floors with stone-look tile or add some whimsy with Moroccan fish scale tile patterns.
  • Color blocking: Use large-format tiles of alternating colors/textures.
  • Natural stone: Marble, travertine or slate exude elegance (but test stones for water slipperiness).

Walk-In Shower Doors

  • Frameless glass enclosure: Unobstructed views for an airy, spa-like vibe. Based on research from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), frameless glass doors are the most popular walk-in shower design, preferred by 67% of homeowners.
  • Partial glass wall: Combine with tile walls for a modern style.
  • Custom glass mosaic: Make a real style statement with colorful glass tiles forming abstract patterns.

Plumbing Fixtures & Accessories

  • Rainfall showerhead: Nothing says luxury like an oversized showerhead for a drenching downpour effect. Include a standard showerhead too for flexible options.
  • Body jets: Strategically place these gentle water streams targeting sore muscles in the back or feet.
  • Shower bench: Built-in seating makes using the space easier for older, disabled, or little ones.
  • Niches & shelves: Hold toiletries within arm’s reach and keep the shower area clutter-free.

Get creative mixing and matching walk-in shower ideas to design your ideal relaxing and revitalizing shower sanctuary.


What size should my walk-in shower be?

This depends on your bathroom dimensions and layout, but standard sizes range from 32”x32” for smaller powder rooms up to 60”x42” for a master bathroom. Measure carefully and map out the shower area before installing.

How much does a custom walk-in shower cost?

Prices can vary from $2,500 up to $15,000+ depending on the size and luxury level of materials you choose. Hiring a contractor vs DIY will also affect the overall cost.

What’s better – glass shower doors or no doors?

It’s a personal preference! Doorless, fully open showers promote ventilation and easy access. Frameless glass doors contain water while allowing light and views. Choose glass shower doors if concerned about spray hitting the rest of the bathroom.

Should I include a shower bench?

Benches make using a walk-in shower easier for those who can’t stand for long periods. Include one if you desire extra seating space.

How do I clean tile or glass surfaces?

Use squeegees after each shower to prevent mineral deposits from building up. Apply shower cleaners regularly too according to package directions.

Relax in Your Custom Spa Retreat

Once properly sealed and waterproofed, a thoughtfully designed walk-in shower adds beauty and value to any home. Cast aside boring bathtub/shower combos in favor of a contemporary walk-in model to relax and rejuvenate in a luxurious style.

With strategically placed body jets, massaging rainfall showerheads, and sleek lines, your new spa-worthy shower provides a soothing sensory experience. Surround yourself with stunning glass tile accents, natural stone surfaces, and accessories tailored to your lifestyle.

Treat yourself to the custom shower of your dreams – you may never want to leave your bathroom sanctuary again! Reclaim what was once wasted square footage to install an open, airy walk-in model with all the high-end trimmings.

Did you find these walk-in shower design ideas inspiring? Share which layouts or luxe add-ons you’d love for revamping your primary bath. Get motivated to call contractors for quotes – your dream shower oasis awaits!


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