Combining Cabinet Finishes

combining cabinet for your kitchen is a great opportunity to set the tone of the kitchen design. Color in kitchen design ideas are found in many places in the kitchen. Whether it is an exotic color for your kitchen countertop or specialized finishes on your appliances – the possibilities are endless. Your backsplash can be tile, glass or even copper. Color can come from the floor covering and even brightly colored countertop appliances.

bathroom with white kitchen cabinets and a sinks

Here is another new kitchen design idea: add color to your kitchen with a combination of separate cabinet finishes.

A new trend today is to combine two finishes in the kitchen – it sets the different areas apart with a different finish creating a focal point for the kitchen and brings the area alive with a separate color.

White kitchens, off-white kitchens and other more neutral glazed finishes are very popular and you can add a second finish to your kitchen to brighten the color palette and attract eyes to these other areas of the kitchen. Asubtle, second finish can vary the kitchen and enhance the essence of the kitchen without distracting.

Many clients vary colors with an offset color on a kitchen island with a different finish and door style or wood species than the perimeter cabinets. The separation of an island in a different color or style enhances the second finish. We have also seen separate finishes on both the floor and wall cabinets – sometimes clients us a molding to compliment one or the other color.

It is up to you and your style to select different colors in your kitchen. Our designers can assist with choices to create your kitchen to enjoy for years to come. We want you to love the result and know that there will not be a need to update your kitchen because it looks outdated.


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