Best Kitchen Cabinet Brands in 2021

One of the most useful parts of the kitchen are the kitchen cabinets. You keep so many handy things in your kitchen storage cabinets, you will touch your kitchen cabinets almost each time you enter your kitchen and they are a focal point that sets the style of your entire kitchen.

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For these reasons and because kitchen cabinets are typically the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel, you need to think long and hard about your kitchen cabinets to make sure that you choose the right ones. Choosing the right cabinets will help your kitchen to look and function the way that you want and need it to.

To help you choose the right kitchen cabinets, we have compiled this list of the very best kitchen cabinet brands of 2021. You can read a bit about each of the best kitchen cabinet brands so that your decision will come a little easier as you will know more about all of the best brands.

Styles of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet suppliers can fall into three main categories, stock kitchen cabinets, semi- custom kitchen cabinets and custom kitchen cabinets.

Stock kitchen cabinets are created all the same, like t- shirts out of a t- shirt factory. You will have limited options with stock cabinets because they are made as they are made and there is not room for changes. Stock cabinets are the cheapest option, but they also will not look as nice, be made from as high quality materials and therefore may not last as long.

Semi- custom kitchen cabinets have most of their pieces made from factory stock, but can be personalized more with different hardware, different wood finishes and different colors. 

Custom kitchen cabinets are made precisely to fit your kitchen. They are made from the best materials and will last longer than you will. Custom cabinets are the most expensive form of cabinet and take the longest time to manufacture because they are made by hand.


This kitchen cabinet manufacturer from New Jersey is known for giving homeowners an impressive kitchen experience inside and out. They use the highest quality materials to make a beautiful and affordable kitchen cabinet.

Ultracraft Kitchen Cabinets

Focusing on full overlay, full access cabinetry, Ultracraft takes pride in offering 15% more usable cabinet space than ordinary framed cabinets. In total they can offer 10,000 different door/ style / color combinations, so you are sure to find the right cabinet for your kitchen.

Mantra Cabinets

Priding themselves in manufacturing straightforward, quality kitchen cabinets, Mantra offers all the latest styles and trends that you are looking for in a kitchen cabinet and they do it with an economical design. You can trust Mantra to offer quality at a budget friendly price.

Wolf Designer Kitchen Cabinets

Using premium materials to ensure that their cabinets will withstand whatever wear and tear you can throw at them, Wolf Designer Kitchen cabinets are made to last. Their cabinets feature all plywood cabinet construction, ⅝” thick wood drawers with dovetail joints and ¾” thick solid wood face frames, so you know they will stand the tests of time.

Wolf Classic Kitchen Cabinets

Featuring timeless designs and finishes that will complement any modern kitchen, Wolf Classic cabinets also come with a five year warranty. You can even choose soft close hinges and dovetail constructed drawers which are normally reserved for more expensive cabinet designs.

Showplace Cabinets

These semi- custom cabinet makers are an employee owned business and their products are one hundred percent American made. They are known for making strong cabinets with lots of choices of wood types, door styles and finishes. Showplace has a good combination of affordability and quality that make them popular in homes everywhere.

Greenfield Cabinets 

Making kitchen cabinets since 1973, Greenfield has proven to be a reliable maker of high quality cabinets. Offering many styles from traditional to modern kitchen cabinets,Greenfield has earned the trust of many a homeowner because of their beautiful and durable cabinets.

Siteline Cabinets

One of the newer cabinet companies on this list, Siteline has been in business since 2015 and aims to make stylish cabinets that can fit a smaller budget kitchen remodel. They only offer frameless style kitchen cabinets and have limited customizations to offer.

North American Cabinets

Manufactured in a state of the art facility in Quebec, Canada, this cabinet maker offers high end cabinets that give you the choice of a lot of customizations. They offer three different lines of cabinets that each has their own multitude of customizations to choose from.

North American Cabinets is especially highly rated when it comes to customer satisfaction. They have great customer service, intelligent packaging that eliminates damage and their construction has been rated extremely highly.

Composite Cabinets

This cabinet is known for their sleek designs and incredible functionality. They are getting a lot of praise for their handleless lines of cabinets with their stunning smooth surfaces. The handleless cabinets look especially good in a minimalist kitchen and they are known to be very practical.


Considered a semi- custom cabinet maker, Marquis offers three different lines of cabinets that can fit all tastes and budgets. They offer traditional cabinets that can be customized by style, finish and color of your choice. 


For handcrafted custom cabinets, there is no more trusted name nationally than Shiloh. They are a family owned business that makes custom cabinets using the finest woods, time tested craftsmanship and the highest quality hardware. They are also known for their free standing kitchen islands.


Part of the Shiloh family of businesses, Eclipse specialized in frameless kitchen cabinets. Frameless cabinets are especially popular in Europe for their added storage capabilities and modern, clean look. Eclipse makes truly high quality cabinets that you are sure to love.


This is a more budget friendly cabinet maker that does not sacrifice beauty or quality. They offer cabinets made from laminate or heavy textured melamine that can match the beauty of hardwood cabinets without the huge price tag. They even have a program which helps customers draw up their own cabinet plans so that they can get exactly the kitchen cabinets they have been dreaming of.


This maker of Italian- style kitchen cabinets has made a name for themselves in the high end cabinet world. They are known for industrial, sleek or even futuristic kitchen cabinets that will make people wonder where they came from.


A Scandanavian cabinetry brand that offers some of the highest quality cabinets but with a mid level price tag, Puustelli is known to make eye- catching cabinets that will give your home a fancy feeling. Offering durable and functional kitchen cabinet designs, you will certainly be happy to choose this top brand.

Willow Lane Cabinetry

They offer one of the best guarantees in the industry, promising that their cabinets will never break or fall apart as long as they are in their original kitchen. With six different cabinet collections you are sure to find one of their elegant designs just perfect for your kitchen remodel plans.

StarMark Cabinetry

With a plethora of cabinet options that can fit the traditional, transitional and contemporary styles well, StarMark has a cabinet for anyone. They even offer glazed cabinets, that elegant style that can be difficult to find.

Da Vinci Designs

This contemporary cabinet maker is known for their incorporation of old- world designs. Customers of this brand are often searching for kitchen cabinets that will make their home seem like it belongs in a foreign country.

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