Beautiful Country Style Kitchen Remodeling Designs In Mount Vernon, VA

If you plan on doing some country kitchen remodeling, there are many beautiful designs out there to choose from. Looking at some country kitchen remodeling pictures is a great way to narrow down your scope and find the perfect look for your home. 

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The best country kitchen remodeling designs give your space a warm and inviting atmosphere to enjoy after a lovely day. Once you find the right remodeling country kitchen ideas for your personality, you will feel like you are coming back to a cherished place.

For this blog post, our team of expert interior designers will explain their favorite country kitchen remodeling ideas. This post will help you to discover all of the possibilities and land on some remodeling country kitchen ideas that will transform your home into something spectacular.

Kitchen Remodeling Country Style Basics

For an authentic country kitchen remodeling project, you need to have softer details, warmer colors and more authentic materials. When most people talk about country style kitchens, they harken back to rural aesthetics from European countries and the United States as well.

You don’t want to get too complicated with a country style kitchen, stick to the basics and you will find more success. Your details should stay a little unrefined, and your finishes should have a touch of the handmade, or well worn to them.

A true country kitchen remodeling project reminds you of simpler times where the most important ingredients in a happy life were good meals and company. You need to create an inviting space that allows you to relax and create delicious meals to share.

A Moveable Feast Of Country Kitchen Remodeling Delights

A country kitchen needs to be flexible and utilitarian at its core to support the needs of everyone. Including a mobile kitchen island in your country kitchen remodeling project gives you many options for cooking, dining and entertaining.

Your moveable kitchen island can be the center of your kitchen, giving you spaces to chop vegetables or knead sourdough bread. Then, you can clean it up and have a pre-meal glass of local wine and sample delicious, fresh cheese.

If you need more space to move around in your kitchen, slide or roll your moveable country kitchen island out of the way. This was a technique many country homes used to add some modularity to their homes to accommodate various activities, and you can make it a beautiful feature of your space.

Use Natural Light To Your Advantage

Some homes are more blessed than others when it comes to the availability of natural light, but you need to think about maximizing this resource in a country kitchen remodel. The sun’s rays create an inviting glow that simply can’t be matched by electric light.

Country kitchen remodeling should put your home closer to nature, and having more sunlight helps with that immensely. If you can add windows, skylights, glass doors, expand windows or add solar tubes, your country kitchen will be more successful.

If you can’t change the amount of natural light entering, you can arrange cabinets and other kitchen features to let more light enter. Keep cabinets away from windows, and basically leave as much space around windows as possible so more light can enter.

Antique Hunting For Country Kitchen Remodeling

The decor of your country kitchen plays a big role in its finished atmosphere. Finding authentic, country style decorations and fixtures can make your space feel more impressive and inspired.

Anything from a set of teacups, to some weathered cabinet doors found at a second hand store can add some country flavors. Spend a fun weekend driving around flea markets and bazaars to find some unique pieces that will give your home a history.

Of course, you don’t want to overdo it and have a bunch of junk crowding your kitchen, but a few strategically placed items can add so much. Paying attention to small details like this will put your country kitchen remodeling project over the top.

Sturdy Kitchen Remodeling Items Stand The Test Of Time

Filling your country kitchen with sturdy, well built fixtures gives your home a feeling that it will pass down through generations of use. Having items that look delicate is more for a modern kitchen, so you want items that show their strength.

Thick pieces of wood for tables, chairs and elsewhere is a great way to bring out some country roots. You also should think about using some metal items in brass, copper, and cast iron instead of any shiny, modern looking stainless steel.

Rounded edges on trim, countertops and cabinets help to make your country kitchen remodeling project seem like it will last. They tend to have a more handmade look that will bring out the authentic atmosphere of your desires.

Exposed Structural Material In Country Kitchen Remodeling

While we all might be more accustomed to finishing off the kitchen by hiding all of its bones, that is not how a country kitchen needs to look. There should be some hint at how the structure was formed and you can do things like leave beams, conduit, bricks and other building features showing.

A country kitchen is above all functional, and oftentimes, in the old days people would get their kitchen working, then stop before making all of the finishing touches. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as they normally say in simpler settings.

This technique works the best in older homes where you might be able to find some hidden gems behind some plaster or under linoleum. Be careful with new homes, where you might end up looking like you’re trying too hard if you add unnecessary items.

Matching Surfaces For Floors And Countertops

In a country kitchen remodeling project, it’s safe to match your floor colors with the other surfaces like countertops and cabinets. In a real country setting, there might only be one material available which would be used all over the kitchen.

Pale wood tones are a great option for bringing some beauty to such a space. With these ideas, your country kitchen remodeling project will turn out spectacular.

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