Bathroom Vanities in Washington DC

Looking for the best deals on bathroom vanities in Washington DC ? Then, we are the best company. Buying vanity or cabinetry for your bathroom is a process similar to buying kitchen cabinets. Before you can start to shop for them, you would need to have a well thought out plan for renovating your bathroom. You should identify your priorities and goals with the help of a questionnaire to assess yourself. Finally, you should also have a budget to work with.

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Fascinating Bathroom Vanities in Washington DC

The cabinet quality grades are similar to kitchen cabinet quality grades, which are custom, semi-custom, stock, and RTA. Cabinetry for the bathroom can be purchased even in a freestanding variety. Cabinetry for the bathroom is sold by our company, which specializes in both kitchen as well as bath cabinetry. Ready to assemble is the cheapest grade of cabinetry, but it will come without good quality construction and materials when you purchase it from the market. However, you need not worry about that when you purchase it from us.

Stock cabinetry is generally affordable. You would, however, find that it lacks in variety in door size, materials, etc. Semi-custom cabinetry offer a wide range of choices in terms of drawer and door styles, materials, finishes, etc. Custom vanities, on the other hand, come to completely suit your needs and requirements. There would not be any limits to the variety in custom made cabinetry.

Cabinet Drawers

Irrespective of what grade you go for, make sure to select a good quality cabinet with drawers, especially at the bottom. Make sure you avoid stapled construction. Check to make sure that the drawers open quietly, are snug in the box, and glide smoothly. When extended fully, they should not sag. Dovetailed joinery and wood sides mark quality construction practices, but substrates such as particleboard, plywood, and medium density fiberboard with doweled joinery is an affordable and a suitable alternative.

Cabinet finishes and materials

Bathrooms are generally subject to a lot of wear and tear. It is, therefore, important to choose from a variety of finishes and materials that can withstand moisture, heat, and pressure. The number of available finishes and material options increase with price point. We also offer several distressed finishes, along with an expansive selection of laminates and woods. Be wary of using veneers since they would peel over time.

Cabinet accessories, doors, and hardware

Decorative enhancements and door styles drive the look of bathroom cabinetry. Doors may have an inset or an elevated central panel or they may be flush, arched, rounded or even squared. Bath cabinetry is, however, not always about the looks. Consider the accessories that are easy to use. High and mid-end cabinetry offer several features such as dryer drawers with electrical outlets that are installed indoors and clothing hamper drawers.

Vanity and cabinet styles

A double sink vanity will offer you more space for storing your goods than any other type of vanity. Re purposed hutches make one-of-a-kind statements when used as a vanity.

We proud to provide various fascinating bathroom vanities in Washington DC.


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