Bathroom Remodeling Trends In Virginia Beach For 2024

Are you looking to give your Virginia Beach bathroom a fresh, modern look? Remodeling your bathroom can completely transform the space and improve your home’s value. But with so many options for materials, fixtures, and layouts, where do you start?

With aging homes and outdated styles, many Virginia Beach bathrooms need upgrades. Small, cramped layouts with little storage space just don’t function well for most families’ needs. Dated color schemes and fixtures can also make a bathroom feel tired and worn out.

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This article will overview some of the top bathroom remodeling trends in Virginia Beach for 2024. We’ll discuss popular layouts that maximize space, on-trend colors and materials, clever storage solutions, and the latest must-have fixtures. With these tips, you’ll be inspired to create the bathroom of your dreams!

Top Design Trends For Virginia Beach Bathrooms

From color palettes to tile designs, high-tech accessories, and beyond, here are some of the most popular bathroom design trends gaining traction in Virginia Beach bathrooms.

Statement-Making Vanities

The bathroom vanity makes a major impact in defining the style of your space. Virginia Beach design lovers are moving beyond basic vanity cabinets and instead opting for repurposed vanities that add character.

The information on repurposed antique vanities as statement-making focal points comes from leading interior design site HGTV, citing the durability and character of vintage dressers and buffets used creatively in modern bathrooms.

Some popular options include using an antique dresser or buffet as a vanity, complete with the existing drawer pulls and design details. Others are custom-building vanities from reclaimed wood materials in eye-catching shapes.

The key is choosing a vanity that aligns with your preferred design aesthetic, whether modern, traditional, transitional, or coastal. When paired with the right sink and hardware, your vanity can become a true focal point.

Natural Stone & Terrazzo Sinks

Statistics on the growing popularity of terrazzo sinks are provided in an article from Realty Biz News, which keeps real estate agents up-to-date on home remodeling and decor trends shaping the current market.

In 2024, bathroom sinks are transitioning from basic porcelain models to natural stone and concrete terrazzo styles that make a major design statement.

Virginia Beach designers are using stone sinks crafted from marble, travertine, and even quartzite materials that add organic texture. Popular quartzite colors include crisp whites and cream tones that brighten the space.

For those desiring a retro-modern vibe, concrete terrazzo sinks are also having a major moment. Made from concrete and small stones or glass chips, terrazzo sinks have an earthy, speckled appearance. Neutral cream and gray tones are prevalent, but you can also find terrazzo sinks in bold blues, greens, and other colors.

Green & Sustainable Materials

Creating a more eco-friendly bathroom is a priority for many Virginia Beach homeowners in 2024. Using materials sourced responsibly and designed for longevity allows you to reduce your environmental impact.

Options like quartz countertops, recycled glass tile, natural stone floors, and floors labeled NSF/ANSI 140 certified focus on sustainability. If opting for wood vanities or cabinetry, look for FSC-Certified options or reclaimed materials.

Water-reducing fixtures like low-flow shower heads, WaterSense toilets, and faucets also contribute to a greener bathroom design. Simple touches like adding a recycled glass bottle soap dispenser also reinforce the environmentally conscious vibe.

Spa-Like Shower Upgrades

Showers are getting an upgrade in Virginia Beach bathrooms, transitioning from basic stalls to full-fledged spa experiences.

Custom showers featuring wall-to-wall tile, built-in reclining benches, open “rainfall” shower heads overhead and even waterproof Bluetooth speakers are growing in popularity. For a truly indulgent shower, multiple body sprays, a hand shower, and an overhead fixture create a surround-sound water experience.

Frameless glass doors and curb-less shower pan installations also lend a sleek, high-end look. Further, upgrade with the addition of steam showers or chromotherapy and aromatherapy features.

High-Tech & Smart Accessories

Technology is making its way into Virginia Beach bathrooms in 2024 via helpful smart accessories and appliances.

Smart toilets with integrated bidets, heated seats, automatic opening/closing lids, and touchscreen remotes provide the ultimate in comfort and hygiene. Digital interfaces on high-tech shower systems allow you to customize everything from lighting to music to spray settings.

LED mirror backlighting paired with anti-fog technology ensures ideal visibility, while built-in TV monitors allow you to catch up on the news or entertainment.

Voice assistants like Alexa allow you to turn to lights on and off, provide weather updates, and more with simple voice commands. The options keep growing!

Popular Color Palettes & Design Elements

When it comes to decorative finishes and color schemes, Virginia Beach bathrooms are transitioning to bolder hues and patterns in 2024. Here are some top elements to incorporate.

Punchy Paint Colors

While white and neutral backdrops still reign supreme in bathrooms, accent walls and vanities in bold, saturated colors are having a major moment. Deep blues, emerald greens, and even black provide dramatic contrast.

For those favoring a more subtle approach, light blue grays work nicely. Designers also recommend layering multiple complementary colors through tiles, textiles, and accessories.

Natural Textures & Materials

Natural wood finishes, woven textures, rattan accents, and indoor greenery will be hot in 2024. These raw, organic materials and nature-inspired elements contrast beautifully with sleek surfaces like quartz and glass.

Virginia Beach designers recommend adding warmth through unlacquered brass finishes, linen towels/curtains, and reclaimed wood shelving. Natural jute or seagrass rugs also reinforce the laidback coastal vibe many locals desire.

Graphic Floor & Wall Tile

Virginia Beach bathrooms are transitioning from basic white tile to bolder patterns and colors when it comes to floors and walls. From graphic cement tiles to Moroccan fish scale mosaics to bold geometrics, there are endless options to explore.

Mixing multiple tile shapes, sizes, and finishes within the same space also remains popular. Try pairing matte stone tiles on the floor with glossy penny rounds or cut glass mosaics on walls. Curved tile layouts also lend visual intrigue.

Design Inspiration For Key Bathroom Elements

When tackling a bathroom remodeling project, it helps to have design inspiration for all the main elements involved, from cabinetry and lighting to plumbing fixtures and more. Here are some top ideas to draw from in 2024.

Double Vanities

For shared bathrooms, double vanities allow two people to get ready at once. Mix a traditional cabinet-style vanity on one wall with a repurposed dresser or console table on the other for ample storage and contrast.

Add modern rectangular sinks or select vessel sinks in two different materials stone and glass. Carry the sinks’ colors into the mirror frames and light fixtures for a cohesive look.

Bold Sconces & Vanity Lighting

Update dated bathrooms by swapping out basic builder’s grade light fixtures with eye-catching sconces, pendants, and LED vanity lighting.

Try unexpected shapes like orbs or abstract polygons finished in aged brass or antiqued nickel. Black metal framing also feels fresh and modern.

Sconces flanking a mirror make a sculptural statement and provide perfect task lighting.

Custom Storage Solutions

Maximize every inch with storage customizations like built-in wall niches for toiletries, pull-out cabinet organizers, drawer dividers and corner shelving.

Have cabinet fronts cut-to-fit around pipes or opt for slide-out shelves that make the most of awkward spaces.

Freestanding furniture like a storage bench, console table, or floating shelves also supplement cabinets nicely.

Spa-Like Bathtubs

For a relaxing soak, can’t-miss bathtub trends include:

  • Oval and curved shapes lend an elegant, organic look well-suited to modern and transitional Virginia Beach bathrooms. The flowing lines promote relaxation while corner tubs maximize limited square footage.
  • Corner tubs optimized for small spaces allow Virginia Beach homeowners to carve out dedicated soaking areas amid modest floorplans. Strategically draped shower curtains differentiate the two zones.
  • Contoured built-in backs with lumbar support target tension spots, as do varieties with vibration massage functionality. Integrated heating warms vessels to body temperature for therapeutic, womb-like immersion.
  • Mineral composite wooden bathtubs emit signature cedar or eucalyptus scents while flaunting smooth modern silhouettes. Virginia Beach designers often position them below window alcoves to connect indoor-outdoor serenity.
  • Modern rectangular clawfoot tubs combine vintage cast iron craftsmanship with a contemporary linear design suited for modern Virginia Beach aesthetics. Skirted with simple apron fronts, they emit old-world charm.

Finish with a wall-mounted tub filler, hand shower, freestanding tub faucet or even waterfalls faucet for dramatic flair.

High-Tech Toilets & Bidets

In 2024, standard toilets are getting eclipsed by high-tech smart models with all the bells and whistles. Advanced bidet functionality allows customization of water temperature, spray style, and pressure. Touchscreen remotes, heated seats, automatic opening/closing lids, and built-in LED mood lighting lend a sleek, high-end hotel feel.

For easy cleaning, rounded bowl edges and antimicrobial glazing prevent bacteria and odors. Look for WaterSense labeling for optimal water efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Faucets & Showers

When selecting plumbing fixtures, look for WaterSense certification for water efficiency, as well as low VOC, finishes that minimize the off-gassing of chemicals.

For showers, recirculating pumps allow you to divert water as it warms up to save gallons of water. Strategically placed body sprays also use water more efficiently.

Touchless infrared sensor faucets turn on and off automatically for added convenience. Low-flow aerators help reduce water usage without sacrificing performance.

Hire Virginia Beach Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Tackling a major bathroom remodel involves everything from laying tile and installing sinks to properly routing plumbing and wiring. Rather than risking costly issues down the road, hire professional Virginia Beach contractors specialized in bathrooms.

Look for licensed remodelers experienced in full-scope bathroom renovations including 3D design, permitting, demolition, waterproofing, and installation. This ensures you receive guaranteed workmanship.

Be sure to get an itemized contract outlining the project timeline, materials being used, and what’s included so there are no surprise add-on fees.

With some thoughtful planning and help from the right pros, you can actualize trendy bathroom design ideas that reflect your personal style and meet all your household needs.


What are some of the most popular materials used for bathroom remodels in Virginia Beach?

Some top materials used for bathroom remodels in Virginia Beach include natural stone surfaces like marble and quartzite for vanities and sinks, cement terrazzo, matte stone or porcelain tile for floors, and recycled glass and porcelain for shower tile walls. Reclaimed or repurposed wood is also used for trendy rustic vanities.

What bathroom layouts are most in demand for Virginia Beach homes?

Open, airy layouts with easy access to natural light remain popular in Virginia Beach. Walk-in showers with minimal visual barriers, double vanities, and spacious soaking tubs also top homeowners’ wish lists.

What design elements can make my Virginia Beach bathroom feel more spa-like?

Some features that lend a more spa-like feel include rainfall shower heads, wall-mounted body spray jets, freestanding soaking tubs, radiant heated floors, towel warmers, and waterproof Bluetooth speakers to play calming music.

Should I hire contractors to tackle my Virginia Beach bathroom remodel?

Yes, it is usually best to have licensed contractors handle major bathroom renovation projects. From proper permitting and construction to finished plumbing and electrical, professionals can recreate your desired design safely while avoiding issues down the road. Look for local general contractors specializing in full-scope bathroom remodeling.

How do I select fixtures, colors, materials and layout elements for my Virginia Beach bathroom remodel?

Start by creating an inspiration board with photos of bathrooms capturing your preferred style – modern, traditional, transitional, etc. Take measurements of your current space and use an online bathroom planner or work with a designer to develop a layout that works for your room dimensions and number of occupants. Select durable surfaces, on-trend paint colors, and worthy-of-a-splurge plumbing fixtures and lighting that align with your style.

What smart home accessories can I incorporate into my bathroom?

Many advanced smart home accessories now work right from your bathroom. Consider high-tech touchscreen toilets/bidets, digital shower controls to customize settings, Alexa integration for voice controls, WiFi capabilities on faucets, lighting, mirrors, and more. Your options keep expanding!

Final Thoughts

In 2024, Virginia Beach bathrooms are getting revamped with of-the-moment trends ranging from attention-grabbing terrazzo sinks to high-design shower upgrades and smart toilets.

By incorporating elements like bold color palettes, natural materials, geometric tile designs, and custom storage solutions popular this year, you’re sure to end up with a fashion-forward, functional space perfect for relaxing and recharging.

Work with reputable local contractors to flawlessly execute your design vision and enjoy your new Virginia Beach bathroom for years to come!


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