10 Hot Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Chesapeake VA for 2024

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Welcome to the latest bathroom remodeling trends in Chesapeake VA! If your Chesapeake house has an outdated bathroom with fixtures from the 1990s or earlier, it might be time for an exciting bath remodeling project. A wide variety of trendy bath renovations are available, whether you’re redesigning the kids’ bathrooms, guest bathrooms, or master bathroom suites. Read on for 10 of the hottest bathroom remodeling ideas for small and large bathrooms alike.

1. Spa-Like Walk-In Showers

HGTV Remodeling reports that walk-in showers with natural light represent a top 2023 bathroom design trend as homeowners move toward open, spa-like spaces.

The most popular walk-in shower choice for Chesapeake homeowners is a floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure. Benefits of glass walk-in shower enclosures include:

  1. The frameless glass features sleek, clean lines for a contemporary style.
  2. The glass allows more natural light into the shower area.
  3. Homeowners can customize walls with contrasting metal tiles, and solid surfaces.
  4. Glass showers make small bathrooms appear more spacious.

Luxury Features

According to American Standard, today’s luxury bathrooms incorporate features like radiant floor heating, chromotherapy lighting, and integrated audio to create revitalizing at-home spas.

Remodeled Chesapeake walk-in showers incorporate luxury features that enhance relaxation, including:

  • Shampoo niches
  • Corner shelves
  • Built-in seating
  • Rainfall shower heads
  • Regular showerheads
  • Hand showers
  • Body spray jets
  • Wireless Bluetooth speakers
  • Ambient colored lighting

Professional bath remodeling contractors can incorporate custom luxury features into new walk-in shower designs to transform basic showers into spa sanctuaries.

2. Soothing Soaker Bath Tubs

While many Chesapeake homeowners are converting tubs to walk-in showers, soaking tubs remain popular options for relaxing bubble baths. An oversized tub can even serve as a stylish focal point in a large master bathroom suite. Consider one of these contemporary soaker tub styles for your Chesapeake bathroom remodel:

Contemporary Tub Shapes

Today’s most modern soaker tubs feature unique asymmetric shapes that provide ergonomic support, including

  • Oval
  • Rectangular
  • Angled
  • Corner tubs

Curved interior tub walls cradle the body comfortably while exterior shapes maximize space efficiency.

Freestanding Bathtub Splendor

Freestanding bathtubs make dramatic style statements in larger bathrooms. These independent tub models feature finished exterior sides that can hold their own as stand-alone fixtures. Styles range from traditional clawfoot tubs to intricately carved stone and glossy acrylic modern sculptures. Their proximity to the floor enhances the freestanding tubs’ luxurious spa appeal.

Soothing Bubble Massage

Integrated air jet systems have become standard features in many modern soaker bathtubs. Strategically placed jets deliver vigorous streams of bubbles to massage away tension. Just press a button and let the stress-relieving waves of an invigorating bubble massage soothe your cares away!

3. Nature-Inspired Designs

Natural stone and wood surfaces bring the beauty of nature indoors for Chesapeake bathrooms. Consider using these earthy organic materials to create a relaxing, Zen-like ambiance:

Natural Stone Surfaces

Sleek natural stone remains trendy for Chesapeake bathrooms in 2024. Timeless and elegant, stone wears well on both countertops and walls. Leading natural stone choices include:

  • Marble – Classic and opulent white veining options
  • Travertine – Diamonds and holes lend texture
  • Granite – Speckled patterned slabs strong and durable
  • Quartz – Vibrant consistent coloration without sealing

Warm, Inviting Wood Accents

The richness of wood never goes out of style. Use these popular wood elements to complement stone surfaces:

  • Wood vanities with stone or quartz tops
  • Teak shower benches and waiting chairs
  • Bamboo or cork floor tile additions
  • Floating wood-framed mirrors

The interplay of natural stone and wood creates an inviting bathroom reminiscent of an upscale spa retreat out in nature. Yet quartz and cork materials add durability to family bathrooms.

4. Creative Storage Solutions

Even the most luxurious master bathroom fills up with clutter fast without enough storage space. Address limited storage during your Chesapeake remodel to keep everyday items organized and out of sight. Think beyond standard cabinets and drawers by incorporating special built-in storage solutions:

Hidden Niches

Strategically placed niches built into walls or cabinetry keep bathroom necessities handy:

  • Shampoo and soap niches
  • Towel warming niches
  • Waste bin compartments
  • Makeup organizer niches

Recessed niches work well around vanities, showers, and toilets. Displayed items remain easily accessible yet discreetly tucked out of sight.

Pull-Out Cabinet Towers

Install pull-out storage towers inside vanity cabinets to optimize vertical space for bulky towels or cleaning supplies. Just open the door and pull out a tower for instant access. Available in a range of widths, pull-out towers fit neatly next to plumbing or dividing panels.

Roll-Out Trays

Customize vanity cabinets with roll-out trays for smaller items that constantly shuffle around. Special trays allow you to slide out hair dryers, curling irons, brushes, cosmetics, and other loose accessories. Rolling trays bring everything right to your fingertips!

5. High-Tech Touchless Fixtures

Touchless bathroom fixtures represent the pinnacle of modern luxury while delivering exceptional hygiene and ease. Upgrade your Chesapeake bathroom with conveniences like these:

  • Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets turn on and off with just a wave of your hand. Infrared sensors detect when hands are below, producing an efficient water stream. Touchless operation reduces germ transmission while the precise flow simplifies teeth brushing, face washing, and more.

Select touchless bathroom faucets feature a state-of-the-art box design for maximum coverage. Others provide a compact single-hole mount solution. Finishes like Matte Black and brushed Nickel give touchless faucets a high-end modern aesthetic.

  • Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers deliver touchless operational perks beyond faucets. Infrared sensors detect hands below to dispense the perfect amount of soap foam each time. This hands-free lathering cuts down on messy accidents and wasted product too.

  • Efficient Hand Dryers

Energy-efficient hand dryers represent the most eco-friendly solution for drying hands hygienically. High-speed jets of unheated filtered air rapidly wick moisture away in just 15 seconds. Hand dryers prevent pileups of germy used towels while conserving trees. Recessed models with minimalist profiles keep walls clutter-free.

6. LED Mirrors and Lighting

LED lighting provides bright, energy-efficient illumination for newly remodeled bathrooms. Recessed ceiling fixtures, vanity lighting, and even LED mirrors help boost ambient lighting with stylish minimalist appeal. Some tech-savvy mirrors feature anti-fog technology or built-in speakers!

7. Eco-Friendly Low-Flow Fixtures

Low-flow showerheads and water-conserving toilets allow Chesapeake homeowners to design both beautiful and environmentally friendly bathrooms. If you’re replacing outdated plumbing fixtures, look for WaterSense-certified models that reduce water usage without sacrificing performance.

8. Radiant Heated Flooring

If you’ve never experienced the luxury of heated bathroom flooring, a remodel is the perfect time to treat your feet! Radiant heated floor systems are available in tile, stone, and high-end vinyl plank materials. Just imagine stepping out onto deliciously warm flooring on cold Chesapeake winter mornings!

9. Bidet Toilet Attachments

While luxury bidet toilets remain pricey, affordable bidet seat attachments for standard toilets are surging in popularity. Hygiene-conscious homeowners can now upgrade almost any toilet into a simple bidet without replacing the entire fixture, making these clever attachments a budget-friendly add-on during bathroom remodels.

10. Custom Cabinetry

Bathroom cabinetry forms the foundation that supports both functional storage and decorative style. Custom wood cabinets allow Chesapeake homeowners to optimize every inch while showcasing premium finishes. Work with expert bathroom designers to explore innovations like:

  • Angled Cabinet Corners: Angled cabinet corners maximize awkward narrow spaces between walls and corners that typically go unused. Custom triangular cabinets fill in such empty voids to create specialized storage. Accessible shelves store extra toilet paper or bath towels right where you need them.
  • Adjustable Roll-Out Trays: Modular roll-out trays crammed into static cabinets turn into jumbled messes fast. Custom fitted rollouts with adjustable dividers keep curling and hair care implements neatly organized. Sections flex to evolving needs.
  • Pull-Out Mirrored Storage: What better place to store makeup than right in front of your face? Pull-out storage units with lighted mirrors retain all your cosmetics and skincare essentials behind the looking glass. Just slide out to reveal your arsenal.
  • Integrated Undercabinet Lighting: Strategically placed undercabinet lighting illuminates surfaces once hidden in shadows. LED strip lighting or puck lights below wall cabinets provide ideal visibility for shaving and makeup application.

Transforming Your Chesapeake Bathroom

As you can see, today’s most popular bathroom remodeling trends allow Chesapeake homeowners to design their dream bathrooms with spa inspiration, storage solutions, high-tech conveniences, eco-friendly fixtures, and custom elements.

Ready to get started transforming your outdated or awkward bathroom into an elegant oasis? Schedule a consultation with one of Chesapeake’s top professional bath remodeling contractors and bathroom designers today. They specialize in creating timeless bathroom designs tailored to match the needs and preferences of Chesapeake families and individuals.

During an initial design consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to review the exciting design possibilities for your new bathroom. Replacing outdated fixtures? Hoping for a larger shower and vanity? Need more storage? Bring your vision, dimensions, goals, and budget, and let the experts develop a beautiful, functional bathroom design plan to match.

A full-scale Chesapeake bathroom remodeling project allows you to fix any layout issues, improve storage, add luxurious new features, and incorporate the latest innovations and trends. Investing in a bathroom remodel also adds value and appeal to your Chesapeake house before selling.

But you need not undertake a total gut rehab if time or budget are limited. The right bathroom designers can transform your existing layout with creative touches like:

  • Custom cabinetry and new countertops
  • A fresh coat of paint in trending colors
  • Updated lighting fixtures, mirrors, and hardware
  • Refacing existing cabinet boxes
  • Adding a walk-in shower
  • Installing a new tub surround

Even small-scale updates can make your bathroom feel bright, elegant, and welcoming.

As Chesapeake specialists, the best local bathroom designers have relationships with suppliers who offer Lifetime Guarantee warranties on Shower and Bath components to protect your investment. They use design software to create 3D concept renderings so you can visualize options. And these experts stay current on all the latest trends in tiles, colors, cabinets, lighting, and fixtures.


What is the best walk-in shower choice?

Frameless glass enclosures are the most popular for contemporary aesthetics. Glass allows more light while options like tile contrast the walls.

What luxury features can be added to walk-in showers?

Popular enhancements include rainfall shower heads, body jets, Bluetooth speakers, colored ambient lighting, shelves, and seating.

Should homeowners remodeling bathrooms keep their tubs?

Many convert tubs fully to walk-in showers, but some retain tubs while adding shower access. This allows bathing flexibility.

What natural design elements create a spa-like feel?

Stone surfaces like marble and wood accents such as floating shelves or teak seating complement each other nicely while bringing nature indoors.

How can bathrooms increase storage space during remodeling projects?

Strategies like built-in niches, pull-out cabinet towers, customizable roll-out trays, and angled corner cabinets maximize usable storage.

What high-tech bathroom fixtures are gaining popularity in Chesapeake?

Touchless faucets, automatic soap/lotion dispensers, and energy-efficient hand dryers enhance both convenience and hygiene.

How can custom cabinetry transform small bathrooms?

Careful layouts with roll-outs, pull-outs, angled corners, and lighting optimize every inch while organizing content.

Start Your Chesapeake Bath Remodel Today

The Chesapeake bathroom of your dreams is closer than ever in 2024. These popular remodeling trends blend sophisticated style with rejuvenating luxury to create high-functioning, inviting oases. Rainfall walk-in showers, soothing soaker tubs, natural stone finishes, and clever storage solutions all combine into a tranquil retreat suited to busy lives. Chesapeake homeowners can now design custom master bathroom suites that rival luxury hotel spas with space to keep every item tidy.

Don’t settle for cramped, awkward bathroom spaces cluttered with outdated fixtures another day. Contact one of Chesapeake’s professional bath remodeling contractors and bathroom designers to schedule your design consultation. These experts make bathroom transformations efficient and effortless. Let them unveil a gorgeous 3D design plan tailored expressly for your space and vision. A new extravagant yet organized Chesapeake bathroom provides the perfect restorative escape from life’s stresses – both now in 2024 and for years to come.


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