4 Classic Modern Bathroom Remodeling Styles In Washington, DC You Can Consider

Are you thinking about a nice bathroom renovation? Well, this idea may get you excited for all of the possibilities. There are a lot of amazing bathroom remodeling ideas coming out of bathroom remodeling in Washington D.C. that you can take inspiration from. 

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Of all the bathroom remodeling styles, the classic modern bathroom in Washington D.C. is having its moment to shine right now. You can’t go wrong with this bathroom remodeling style in Washington D.C., and many people around the area are feeling satisfied with their results.

To help you narrow down your bathroom remodeling ideas in Washington D.C. our experts have created this post breaking down four successful bathroom remodels. After reading this you will understand the essential elements of creating a classic modern bathroom.

The Classic Modern Bathroom Explained

The epitome of a classic modern bathroom starts with a foundation in classic elements that have been beautiful in bathrooms for centuries. Classic modern bathroom remodeling adds to this foundation a twist of new and hip to create a timeless space.

A classic modern bathroom remodel in Washington D.C., steals its ideas from different eras with the hopes of finding new territory to explore. A designer going for this concept hopes to create a subtle, yet always interesting bathroom to have in your home.

There are many ways you can express the classic modern bathroom, and you can find a way to make it fit your personality. That is one constant in all bathroom remodeling, the bathroom must fit the homeowners unique style.

The Classic Elements

Some of the common design elements in the classical foundation of this type of bathroom are:

  •  Ornate molding – trim doesn’t just go on the ceiling and floor, and classic molding often is seen on any level of the wall.
  • Columns – an architectural feature that is recognizable from centuries ago, featuring this gives your bathroom a classic look.
  • Clawfoot tubs – these bathing vessels leave you with a feeling of elegance and style that can be recognized no matter what century you are in.
  • Marble surfaces – This stone has a  beauty that can’t be matched and has been loved by designers for thousands of years.

The Twist Of Modern

To add some tasteful hints of our modern times, add some trending, yet timeless fixtures such as:

  • Open concept – Keep your classic modern bathroom open and airy and it will feel more like a present day design, instead of the small, closed off spaces that made sense in the past.
  • Spun gold hardware – These days you are more likely to see a matte finish than the classic chrome.
  • Inset medicine cabinet – Don’t take up so much space in the bathroom with inset medicine cabinets and other features.
  • Stylized window coverings – There are many modern window coverings that look great in a classic modern bathroom.

Minimalist Bathroom Vanity With Exposed Decorative Plumbing

Including a marble vanity top is a great way to begin your bathroom remodeling journey. This stone really sets the mood in the space and helps guide all of your design choices.

In this type of bathroom, a thin vanity table holds the sink and sits beneath a golden framed mirror. The table legs are made from golden brass with the double sink plumbing, also in golden brass exposed.

This look is sleek like a modern bathroom, but the combination of the marble vanity top with golden faucet and other features give it a classical air. This is a wonderful look to create the classic modern bathroom that you have dreamt about. The cost of marble countertop would be surely worth it if you’re trying to achieve your dream bathroom. 

Freestanding Bathtub With Ornate Iron Screen And Oblong Vanity Mirror

 It is one of the best bathroom remodeling trends in Washington, D.C. This bathroom remodeling idea gives you a lot to work with and you can play around with the layout. The centerpiece of the bathroom is the freestanding tub, and it really does look great in the middle of the room.

The ornate cast iron screen could be reclaimed from another space or custom maid by a local ironworker. This accent piece can be used to hang towels and other items in the bathroom and also helps to give a background to the tub.

An oblong mirror with golden frame gives the space the modern touch it needs to be a totally relevant bathroom. This all comes together beautifully to create a classic modern bathroom that feels tranquil and relaxing. There are small bathroom remodeling ideas like this that would be perfect for you. 

Vessel Sink Atop A Petite Vanity

A black vessel sink is a sleek modern look. You could choose a hand crafted granite vessel sink, or go with a material like rubbed bronze. Pair it with a tall, classically chrome faucet for a great contrasting feature.

A petite white vanity cabinet below the sink, just a few inches wider than the vessel, gives this look that classical touch that you need. The vanity cabinet should be on legs so that you have some airflow to keep the space feeling light.

Behind your vanity use a large quartz slab with golden veinging for the classical elegance that you need. This bathroom design is best suited for a guest bathroom where you can show it off to visitors.

Flor de Lis Tiles With Subway Tile Wainscotting And Satin Walls

A bathroom with an interesting tile floor is always great to see. Flor de lis is a classic feeling pattern that works well to bring out some sophistication in your space. Darker shades like black or navy blue work best for this bathroom design.

Subway tiles are trendy right now, but they come right out of classic interior design so they are perfect for your classic modern tastes. Having it below a dark satin wall, black or brown, gives this bathroom a richness that is timeless by nature.

Having a clawfoot tub as the centerpiece of this bathroom is a perfect fit. Use an Italian style extendable faucet so give a little bit extra classic touch to the bathroom design. When it’s all said and done, this classic modern bathroom will leave you feeling satisfied and ready to relax.

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