5×8 Bathroom Remodeling Layout Tips and Ideas

When you are doing some bathroom remodeling the size of the bathroom makes a big impact on your design. You have so many options for bathroom remodel ideas, knowing what will work for a 5×8 bathroom remodel layout can help you narrow down your search.

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To some people, 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas seem like they will be small. There are tons of options for 5×8 bathroom ideas for you to choose from that look incredible and give you all the bathroom necessities.

We have asked our expert team of bathroom contractors and designers to give us some amazing 5×8 bathroom designs that you will adore. Use these 5×8 bathroom remodeling ideas and your project will turn out amazing!

Mosaic Tile Floors

Creating a unique pattern of mosaic tiles on a 5×8 bathroom floor livens up the space and creates a charming effect. You can choose from many sizes of tiles with different colors. 

Even try mixing in some tile made by an artisan or from a special place that you have visited. This will give you some fun memories that you will cherish each time you use your bathroom.

You can choose different shapes of tiles, including square, octagon, hexagon, and other shapes. This will help you map out the pattern you want and your tiler will do a wonderful job of installing them for you.

Open Shower

To create an effect that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is, you can forgo having an enclosure on your shower. This creates a beautiful walk in shower that you will enjoy using.

Choosing a tile shower wall and floor goes well with the open shower concept. It has a high end look that spruces up a bathroom and makes it stand apart from normal bathrooms.

The thing to remember about open showers is that anything in the splash zone will need to be waterproof. There is no barrier to stop water from splashing around and getting things wet, but the added space and visual space is normally worth it to homeowners.

Wall Mounted Toilet

A clever way to save a few inches and to make your bathroom look more streamlined is with a wall mounted toilet. You are probably used to the standard toilet with a water tank that sits behind the bowl.

A wall mounted toilet puts the water tank in the wall behind the toilet, which saves a lot of space in your 5×8 bathroom layout. These few extra inches make you feel more comfortable sitting on the toilet and taking care of your business.

These kinds of toilets are also easier to clean because there is not that tricky dead space under the water tank that collects all manner of dirt and debris. All you have to do to clean under a wall mounted toilet is sweep a broom underneath and then do the same with a mop.

Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink has a super sleek design that fits well in any 5×8 bathroom remodel. The layout of a 5×8 bathroom remodel will have a great flow with the addition of a pedestal sink.

Pedestal sinks have a certain charm that makes them irresistible in a 5×8 bathroom. You will feel like you are in a very elegant space when you see your pedestal sink each time you enter your bathroom.

The drawback of pedestal sinks is that they don’t offer much in the way of storage for bathroom necessities. You may need to have a separate closet in the bathroom or nearby where you can store extra cleaning supplies and other items for the bathroom.

Custom Cabinetry

Working with a cabinet design team to create a bathroom cabinet set that fits your 5×8 bathroom perfectly will help you with style and organization. You can work with your designer and tell them all the items you want to keep in your bathroom cabinets, and they will make enough space for you.

Custom cabinets have a sleeker look than stock cabinets, which can appear bulky in a 5×8 bathroom. Your cabinet design team can create cabinets that don’t intrude into the visual field and have enough storage space for your needs.

You can choose any design of bathroom cabinets, one of our favorites is frameless cabinets. They have a great modern look to them that fits well in a 5×8 bathroom remodel.

Inset Medicine Cabinet With Mirror

A medicine cabinet is a must in any bathroom remodeling project. Choosing an inset medicine cabinet with a mirror leaves more visual space in your 5×8 bathroom while giving you a good place to keep tooth care, skin care, and first aid products. 

A long and thin mirror is popular this year with modern bathroom designers. It brings that sleek look that is in vogue and looks incredible in a 5×8 bathroom layout.

Another option is to choose a backlit mirror, where there is a light emitted from behind the mirror. This makes the illusion that the mirror is floating on the wall.

Add Natural Light

A great 5×8 bathroom layout idea is to add some extra natural light to the space. You can do this by expanding an existing window, adding a new window or even installing a skylight.

Having more natural light in your 5×8 bathroom will make it much more pleasant to be in during the day and will also give you a glimpse of the stars and moon at night. Natural light is important to our sleep cycles, so it could help if you use the bathroom in the morning to have more natural light to wake you up.

A skylight is an addition that can bring your 5×8 bathroom to the next level. It will give your space a feeling of grandeur and let in astonishing amounts of sunlight to brighten your day.

Open Shelving

Incorporating some open shelving in your 5×8 bathroom layout can give you some storage space and some places to add some touches of personality. Open shelves leave a bathroom feeling more airy, while still providing a good amount of storage space.

You can place open shelving near windows because they won’t block out the light. This would not be so true with a bulky bathroom cabinet.

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