4 Best Tips To Lower The Cost of Kitchen Remodeling In Germantown MD

Looking at the average kitchen remodeling cost can make you want to crawl into bed and cry. After the shock is over, you will probably discover that you still want a new kitchen, despite what you hear about prices for remodeling a kitchen in Germantown, MD.

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Luckily for you, there are budget-friendly kitchen remodeling options to help cut down on kitchen remodeling prices in Germantown, MD. With a little bit of effort on your part, kitchen remodeling prices don’t have to stand in the way of getting the kitchen of your dreams.

In this article, the experts from our kitchen remodeling service will share their secret tips for reducing remodeling kitchen prices in Germantown, MD. These amazing tips will make your kitchen remodeling cost low, and make you happy to cook for decades.

Keep Your Kitchen Layout The Same

When it comes to moving your sink, your electrical outlets, and your countertops, your kitchen remodeling cost can really start to soar. When designing your kitchen, work around the layout you already have and you will save big time on the remodeling kitchen prices.

Changing the layout of a kitchen takes some serious work and skill, which you pay for in the end. Leaving your kitchen the way it is, but updating everything is much cheaper than redesigning your entire kitchen layout. 

If you truly can’t live with your kitchen layout, you might have to skimp on other parts of the kitchen which will lead to less than stellar results. Designing around your existing layout is a chance to use your creativity and problem-solving skills to come up with an elegant and functional kitchen.

Changing Plumbing Is Costly

If you want to change the location of your sink, it is going to end up costing a lot. This work requires the skilled labor of a highly trained plumber, which doesn’t come cheap.

A budget-friendly option if you don’t like the location of your sink is to change the countertops around it, or even add a kitchen island for more space. This improvement won’t cost as much as moving a kitchen sink.

Unfortunately, in older homes, the plumbing could be bad already and you need to replace it. This is a costly project that some folks can’t ignore.

Using The Space You Have Keeps Kitchen Remodeling Cost Low

Many people dream of expanding their kitchen to get a modern, open kitchen, but this job comes with a high price tag. Knocking down walls or adding additions takes more time, more planning, more effort, more resources, and more money.

While you may not be able to afford to physically expand your kitchen, there are certainly some tricks you can employ to make it feel bigger. Some of the best ways to make a small kitchen feel larger on a budget are:

  • Buy Small Appliances- If you minimize the size of your kitchen appliances, you can add counter space, storage space, and other things that will give you the room you need. Smaller appliances are often cheaper as well, so you will have even more savings.
  • Choose Open Shelves- Open shelving is a great storage option that doesn’t take up as much space as traditional kitchen cabinets. They also let more light into your work areas so that the kitchen is more comfortable to cook in.
  • Improve Your Lighting- Adding some more powerful light fixtures and placing them strategically can make your kitchen feel bigger. More light is always appreciated and won’t cost you as much as a kitchen expansion.
  • Paint Your Kitchen White- A white kitchen feels bigger, that is a fact. Paint is one of the cheapest materials that help you feel cleaner and more comfortable in your new kitchen.

While you may be feeling cramped in your current kitchen, there are ways to make it feel bigger without breaking the bank. Work with a competent kitchen design team and you can come up with incredible solutions to your kitchen size problems.

Spend On The Things You Love, Save On Those You Could Care Less About

One of the greatest first steps you can take to plan a kitchen remodel is to make a list of the most important features of your kitchen. Once you have identified the things you can’t live without, you can start shopping for quality items that will make your kitchen fit your desires.

Things that don’t make your love list are items you can do your best to save money on. For example, maybe you don’t mind how your kitchen floor looks. You can find a budget-friendly option like vinyl flooring that you won’t even notice after it is installed.

Prioritizing your kitchen necessities helps you create a kitchen that works for you and that you will be happy with for decades. You will be so happy with your quality kitchen items, you will hardly notice the things that you saved a lot of money on.

Shop For Used Building Materials

Many people don’t even consider the amount of quality, second-hand building materials available when planning a kitchen remodel. There are many options out there that will meet or exceed your needs, for a much lower price than new items.

Some used building materials are actually new, they just didn’t fit into another person’s remodel after they were purchased. You can take advantage of their wasteful planning, and get the kitchen of your dreams for a price you can afford.

Buying used items also is the best option for the planet. You won’t be adding to landfills, and the resources won’t have to be extracted from the planet.

Consider Donating Your Used Kitchen Items

There are several charities that accept used building materials, including Habitat For Humanity. These types of organizations also give you a tax write-off for the value of the items you donate. 

This will help to lower the cost of your kitchen remodel, and someone else will be happy to have your used items in their home. Some used building stores will even help with demolition and haul your items away for free.

This is a great way to save money, and help others in need. There are many creative ways you can do a kitchen remodel that cost less.

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