10 Must-Have Kitchen Features

If you are looking for the must-have kitchen features to put into your kitchen remodeling project, you are not alone. The very best kitchen remodelers look far and wide to find kitchen remodeling ideas to include in their projects.

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One part of kitchen design that too many people skip is to start with the desired kitchen features and then move onto other elements of the kitchen remodel. No matter your kitchen style, there are some features that no kitchen should be without.

To help you make your kitchen renovation the best it can be, we have asked our expert kitchen contractors to share their 10 must-have kitchen features. Use these kitchen renovation tips and you are sure to have a successful time remodeling your kitchen.

A Skylight Is An Illuminating Kitchen Idea

A feature that many homeowners are happy to add to their kitchen remodeling designs is a skylight. Not only do skylights add a lot of precious sunlight during the day, but at night you can have a view of the beautiful stars, and sometimes the moon!

Skylights only work if your roof is above your kitchen, so this means that not every kitchen can have a skylight. A solar tube is a way to bring in sunlight from the outside that can travel through a floor of your house and look amazing.

One other benefit of a skylight is that it can add some physical space and open up your kitchen to give it a more modern look. Skylights add a few feet of space that go up to the roof, then you get all of the space up to the sky to look at and it makes your kitchen seem bigger.

Quartz Countertops For An Amazing Kitchen

Your countertops need to do a lot of work in your kitchen with all of the chopping and kneading you will be doing. That is why having a top of the line countertop is a priority for many people these days.

Quartz is a great countertop material that looks almost exactly like real stone, but with less maintenance. Quartz countertops even have antibacterial properties, so they stay cleaner.

Kitchen Islands Give You Counter Space And Storage

Having a kitchen island is a feature that is a must-have this year because it adds so much to your kitchen. You can have much more counter space for preparing food, and you get some storage underneath for your plates and pans.

You can also use your kitchen island as a bar seating area so that you can talk to your friends while you cook. Then there is the possibility of adding a sink into your kitchen island, which give you that much more flexibility in your kitchen design.

New Kitchen Cabinets For The Win

When you are planning out your kitchen remodel, you have to consider installing new kitchen cabinets. You can get all of the storage space you need, plus you can make them work with your new kitchen design. 

There are so many amazing cabinets out there to choose from, and you can be sure that you will find ones that fit all of your tastes and needs. Cabinets are a large investment, but they last for many decades and will make your kitchen much better.

Matte Black Faucet

It is time to leave shiny kitchen faucets behind and go with a matte finish. This look is taking the kitchen design world by storm, and it looks amazing in so many kitchen designs. 

You can do a lot of things with a matte black faucet, and planning your kitchen around this feature will open so many doors for you. It looks especially good surrounded by a modern, white kitchen, but there are many other ways to use it with success.

Custom Range Hoods

The range hood in your kitchen can be a real eye-catching centerpiece that you should use to your design advantage. You can have a range hood specially made for your kitchen and it will wow anyone who gets the chance to look at it.

There are many artisan metal workers out there these days, and you can find one that cna build you something totally unique. If you get a custom range hood for your kitchen, you will be the envy of all the other kitchen remodelers out there.

Plants Help Your Kitchen Come To Life

It’s not all construction when you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, You can also think of decorations, and one amazing decoration is plants. 

You can fit many plants into your kitchen and choose ones that make your space look incredible. Plants have been shown to make you happy, and they will give you fresh air to make you feel healthier.

Open Shelving Makes An Open Kitchen

While kitchen cabinets give you some protection from dust, they can look big and bulky in a modern kitchen. Going with some open shelving gives you just as much storage space, but doesn’t intrude into the visual field as much.

You can organize your open shelving in a way to show off some of your beautiful china and other ceramics from your travels around the world. Then you can change things up with the seasons so your kitchen always looks fresh and you feel happy to be there.

Farmhouse Sinks Give You A Laid Back Atmosphere

There is nothing quite like a farmhouse style sink to give your kitchen a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. You will feel like going into your kitchen and whipping up a batch of cookies or mashed potatoes.

A more rustic looking sink can help to tone down a sterile modern kitchen, or it works if you are going for that cottage kitchen look. They also have a lot of space for when you want to wash your pans and plates from eating a meal.

Subway Tile Backsplash

One of the classic looks that is making a comeback right now is subway tiles. We are seeing them in a lot of kitchen designs, and it seems to be a must have feature right now.

There is something to be said about the simplicity of a subway tile backsplash. It doesn’t take anything away from your kitchen, and improves the atmosphere in a lot of ways.

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