Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small Kitchen Designs for Small Spaces

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

S mall kitchen design not limited ideas and concepts. A smallkitchen cramped by space inspires the creativity of our kitchen designers to find a small kitchen design that works and has as much space as possible.

What makes the best impact on small kitchen design? We have come up with 3 concepts that can go big with a small kitchen design:

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories – in small kitchen design, storage is a premium and we make the most kitchen cabinet accessories to make this work. With Roll out trays, drawer organizers, spice racks,lazy susan’s, organizers on doors and other options you can do more with the space available. Innovations have made blind corners available for kitchen cabinet accessories to use space that was otherwise unusable. Also, a new idea is a cutting board with a pull out drawer organizer when necessary for a more countertop and space, which helps with food preparation.

Space Saving Appliances – small kitchen designs often meansfewer guests. Today, appliance manufacturers offer great options that work well in a small kitchen designs. There are space saving refrigerators to compact dishwasher drawers that help use space in your small kitchen design more efficiently. A convection microwave can give you a full size microwave and save space in a small kitchen design – it’s a two for one!

Light up the night – lighting can make any space, especially a small kitchen design, stand out. Recessed lighting is a fantastic choiceto replace hanging light fixtures and it opensall spaces with more head room. Lights under the cabinets and toe kick can offersambiance lighting for tasks and home safety that canopen and brighten a small kitchen design.

It is your decision and the best step is to start with the budget. A small kitchen design and remodeling project can be expensive if you do not understand the options and product selections. There are many ways your small kitchen design can have a big impact on your live without necessarily having to spend too much.