Small Bathroom Design Ideas

We start with Why

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

O ur designers and team always start with a simple question “Why?”

Why are you looking for remodeling?
Are you seeking your bathroom seem larger?
Do you want to add more space?
Are you trying to get your home better organized?

It never seems to fail that bathroom, no matter the size, always becomes cluttered, cramped and over stuffed.

Here is where we help. Our bathroom design ideas focus on organization within the space to make a bathroom seem larger.

We have come up with these 5 bathroom design concepts to

Get the most out of the available space:

Medicine cabinets that are Recessed and include electrical outlets – this is a 2 for 1 in bathroom design ideas. This idea creates more space by putting the medicine cabinet in the wall and adds electrical outlets in the cabinet, which takes items off of your counter top – leaving an open space, better organized.

Niches in the Shower – including a niche in a designed shower will add space for more free movement. We eliminate shelves in the corner and space by including niches at various levels, which accommodates family members different heights now and tomorrow.

Faucets Flowing from the Wall – imagine, your faucet is above the sink – saving counter top space. More room and additional space for necessities and the coolest new look.

Floor Tiles and Stone Floors – new stone and tile designs make bathroom flooring a place to add size to the space. Human’s minds are trained break down elements by perimeters – larger tiles or even a full sheet floor will change how we process the visual information and see the space as though it is actually larger than it seems – there is a great new product for this – Dekton!

Cabinets on top of counter tops – Ok, this does not in all bathrooms, but when combined with design ideas such as recessed cabinets, a cabinet tower adds storage to the space and clearly define areas for additional family members to use.