Creating the Design

A partnership in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling

Once we visit your home, take measurements and understand your style, we begin creating the design. Using the measurements your designer has taken, we bring your space alive from the selections you have made – into a 3D rendering of your new kitchen or your new bathroom. When we present the initial design, we discuss additional details and options that include, innovative cabinet storage systems, special moldings on the top and under the kitchen cabinets to bring the design and your new kitchen or new bathroom to life beautifully and functionally.

Creating a design requires collaboration between you and the designer. It is a process and important for you, as the person who will use your bathroom or kitchen everyday, to ask every question that comes to mine, provide feedback and input to make sound decisions. We have found the more engaged our new kitchen or new bathroom client is in the process, the closer the final design is to their dream kitchen or dream bathroom.


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