Gather Info: Kitchen & Bathroom remodeling

Pull together information for your kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project

T his is the exciting phase of the project – the possibilities! Remember though, that the time to get it right! These initial choices will effect the entire project. You have time, take it to make careful decisions.

At your initial face-to-face meeting, a designer will meet you in our showroom, answer all of your questions and provide a professional assessment with insights based on expertise that will help you make the right decisions along the way.

Kitchen Remodeling Budget or Bathroom Remodeling Budget?

This is the big question. Budgets are set based on a variety of inputs: the home value, your plans for the house (keep for years or sell in a few? – this makes a big difference in the budget and guidance). Our experts can work in any budget range and will provide help for you to determine the right amount to spend on your project. We have a variety of tools to give you a range of price options: from Good, to Better to Best.

So, once we know the budget, we recommend analyzing the different cabinet options so we know how to leave room for other items in the kitchen remodel project or bath remodel project. This is a deliberative process. Don’t rush and you will avoid mistakes, make the right choices and reduce or avoid the risk of unexpected costs and delays.