Teresa is a realtor and home renovator in Northern Virginia who has been working with us at USA Cabinet Store for several years now on her kitchen remodels. After coming to our showroom, Teresa began working with David, one of our designers whom she describes as being great to work with and very helpful. Throughout Teresa’s numerous kitchen remodel projects she has returned to USA Cabinets, knowing that she is getting the best product, creative thought, and service put into her remodels as she states, “It’s been great at USA Cabinets because they have a range of products, they have a range of ideas so that we can cater the kitchen to the style of each home… I always recommend USA Cabinet Store. They’ve helped me on every project that I’ve done to this point.”

For this kitchen remodel, Teresa wanted a very contemporary, minimalistic design to fit with the rest of this unique property. To complete this design, David suggested Showplace Evo cabinetry with a plan Duet door style and a High Gloss Acrylic finish. To top off the white cabinets, Quartz countertops in Arctic White were installed. These cabinets and countertops brighten the room and enhance the natural light from the many windows and the very open floor plan. David suggested some darker wood open shelving be added for a touch of warmth. This contemporary remodel flows with the overall style of the home.

Teresa has much experience in kitchen and home remodel. Because of Teresa’s knowledge of home remodel, she enjoys knowing that at USA Cabinet store she will always find creativity and willingness to turn her vision for each kitchen into a reality that goes above and beyond what she hoped for. “I just think it’s important when designing a kitchen that you find someone that’s willing to listen to you and respect what you envision, but then also be able to help you realize that it can be done in another way that might be better.”

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