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8 Guest Bathroom Remodeling Design & Ideas For Your Next Makeover

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Guest bathrooms are an often overlooked feature of the home, but guest bathroom design is an important part of making your home a welcoming and comfortable place. When planning a guest bathroom remodel it is important to get the best guest bathroom ideas to make sure that your home is a place that people want to come and spend time.

Turning your guest bathroom remodel ideas into reality is an exciting undertaking for a homeowner and one that you should not take lightly. Given that guest bathroom remodeling is something you do more for visitors to your home, you want to make sure that your guest bathroom makeover is something you have fun with and something you can feel proud of.

We have created this article for those of you who are planning a guest bathroom renovation and would like a little inspiration to see what is possible from such a project. We will share with you the eight most interesting guest bathroom remodel ideas we have seen so that you can have all the ideas you need to start your guest bathroom remodel.

Subway Tiles with Pedestal Sink

It is a good idea to keep your guest bathroom remodel fairly simple and straightforward. White subway tiles with an elegant pedestal sink is exactly that, and will make your guest feel calm and soothed in your bathroom.

The drawback of pedestal sinks is that they don’t offer the storage of a bathroom vanity, so if you need that extra storage space you might not like this idea. A pedestal sink is just so simple and easy to look at though; that is why we think it is a perfect choice for a guest bathroom remodel.

White subway tiles are very popular this year and are also a timeless choice. They are easy to install, easy to look at and easy enough to clean, making them a great choice for guest bathrooms. 

Walk In Shower Stall

We like the walk in shower stall for guest bathrooms because it is not often that your guest is going to need to take a bath. A shower stall is a more logical choice for a guest bathroom makeover, it can take up less space than a tub and it looks great when done well.

A glass door is a good look on a walk in shower stall that will also help to keep your guest bathroom feeling like a bigger and more open space. The simpler, the better with guest bathrooms, and a glass door will work just perfectly here.

Tiled walls and floors look really great in a shower stall and you should choose a simple and soothing color. We like blues this year, but white is a classic choice that you can’t go wrong with. Make sure the floor is not slippery, because you certainly don’t want any accidents in your guest bathroom.

Wall Mounted Toilet

A wall mounted toilet puts the toilet’s water tank into the wall behind the seat, which takes up a lot less space than a traditional toilet does. Saving space in a guest bathroom can be really important and this way you won’t make any guests feel cramped in your space.

Wall mounted toilets are easier to clean as well, because they don’t have a hard to reach, dead space behind the toilet. Your guests don’t want to be looking at a gross, dusty and cobweb filled space behind the toilet, so you will be saving a lot of time and effort on cleaning by having a wall mounted toilet. 

These toilets are more difficult to install and will come with a bigger price tag, but we see the added space and the time saved cleaning as totally worth it. A wall mounted toilet will make a last minute tidy up so much easier and your guests will really appreciate that.

Mosaic Tile Floor

This is not the simplest choice you can make for flooring, but it looks so good and is so popular right now that we know you will be happy with a mosaic tile floor. You can do a really interesting, geometric pattern that will impress your guests. 

You can go a shade darker for your floor tiles which will help to balance out the room. Being a little darker will also make them look cleaner so that you won’t have to spend all of your time cleaning your guest bathroom floor before you have company.

There are many mosaic tile types to choose from and you are going to have a great time looking at all of your options before you land on the best one for your style. You can also choose a darker grout color for your guest bathroom which will hide even more dirt and make cleaning that much easier. 

Backlit Mirror

Casting a beautiful illuminating glow, backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets are a very trendy choice this year and are something that will really impress your guests. A backlit mirror has the effect of sort of floating on the wall that will really make people smile.

The light from a backlit mirror does not create glare so your guests will also enjoy their appearance in your mirror and will feel a lot better about themselves. This is a great gift you can give to your guests that will also be helpful for you.

Backlit mirrors are fairly easy to install and don’t cost too much, so your guests will feel like they are getting royalty treatment but it won’t bust your budget. This is one luxury item that we think more guest bathrooms should include.

Brass Fixtures

The golden appearance of brass fixtures will truly make your guests feel special and welcomed. Brass is having a comeback this year so you will also have a trendy and stylish look that everyone can appreciate.

A brass fixture does not have to be shiny if you are worried about constantly having to keep them clean. A matte finish for brass fixtures is a great look that will hide smudges a lot better than a shiny finish does. 

Floating Vanity

The floating vanity is having a moment right now and a lot of people really love this look. It can really make for a cleaner appearance in your guest bathroom.

Floating vanities also have the elegant look that you get from a pedestal sink, but can give you a lot more storage space so you can have some of your bathroom essentials on hand but out of sight. This is a great place to store toilet paper and extra hand towels.


Keeping a few houseplants in your guest bathroom will add a touch of color and life. Everyone loves seeing some houseplants and they are a great way to warm up the atmosphere of a guest bathroom.

Some bathroom designers are even starting their design process with a few plants in mind and then design the bathroom around their color and shapes. This really shows a lot of thought and will tie the whole room together into a beautiful theme.

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