Budgeting questions

Budgeting :

Our first question to a new client is: “what is the purpose of the remodel?”

T his helps us determine a budget based on your goals. Generally, the industry rule of thumb is that a kitchen remodel project should cost between 5% to 10% of your home’s current value.

Here is the thing though: what you invest in your kitchen remodeling project (or bathroom remodeling project) is really up to you.

So, ask yourself “why am I doing this remodeling project”

Typical reasons we see:

Planning to sell the home.

If this is the case, we suggest you keep the budget in the 5% (or less) rangefor your kitchen remodeling project, this will help you to get the investment back as sale.

This is going to be my dream kitchen.

Here, do it right and set a budget of 10% or more (financing options are available) on a kitchen remodeling project so you can get that dream kitchen. Think of this as an investment – we have cabinet lines that after 15 years (see some of our displays) still look new! Think long term.

Budgeting for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project can be tricky our team can help. Contact us for a tour of the store and get ideas – we are not high pressure, and cover some preliminary questions on how to create a budget for kitchen and baths that will be very helpful.

We also offer a convenient financing options as well as a way to get new kitchen or bathroom. Please, contact one of the USA Cabinet Store Showrooms for more information.